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Eternal Frontier android game apk download.

Eternal Frontier android game is one of the popular game in the category of shooting game. Eternal Frontier is currently not available on google play store. The game is developed and design by a well-known Chinese company NetEase.

Although the company has developed many other games available for download on google play store.  Knives out-Tokyo Royale is another good game develop by the same company the NetEase.  When you will search google play store you will find some well-rated games be NetEase. is providing collecting best games to its users for all over the web. Eternal Frontier is one of the no available games on google play store so we have decided to make it available for download to our users of the site.
Here are some key features of the game.

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1.       Language support

The game is in the Chinese language so it makes some difficulty to play the game when you are not a native speaker of Chinese language. Mostly, other games on google play store support different languages in a gaming environment but this specific game is not supporting other languages so it looks difficult to play the games. After becoming familiar with the games you learn some basic instructions in the platform and you become familiar with the game and you start enjoying playing the game.

2.       3D graphic

The game has been developed for high resolution and having good graphic make the game unique for its users. Due to high graphic, it looks that the player is playing the game in the real world.
The high graphic of the game makes the clours and the places used in the game so beautiful that makes the game prominent while playing the game on desktop and mobiles.
3.       Characters of the game

Unlike other android game, Eternal Frontier has not too much character and only 10 or fewer characters are the participator in the game. Each character has a unique role and has good expertise in the field of his own character.   All Characters of the game have basic skills those includes attacking and other needed skills to the game. Players are able to support each other while playing the game. The players can provide support to the physical strength like changing guns and can also support to accelerating the game.

4.       Modes of the game

The Eternal Frontier android supports two types of gaming mods. One is PvP and the other mode is PvE both modes are different from each other. The PvP mode is for a set to missions in the game while PvE is for Battle Royal Mode.

Final words.

Downloadapkpure is committed to providing the best online games and apps to its users by searching the web on regular basis. The Eternal Frontier is one of the best games out of google play.

Earlier we have provided 5 top android racing games 2019 for our users and got a huge positive response for all over the gaming world. Due to user likes and frequent visits to our site we have achieved the top rank on Bing and Yahoo for searching 5 top racing games 2019.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the game please do share with other social media for your circle to increase ranking. This will encourage us to provide more new and rated games to the online gaming family.

Download the Game

You can download the game by using the below link.

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5 Top Android Racing Games 2019

Download is providing Top Android Games 2019.  Android Games especially racing games are becoming popular in young age between 13 to 20 age group. To focus these groups the admin of has decided to provide the latest games for the particular focus group.

The Top Android Racing Games 2019 are the most downloaded and played games form different sources of websites and most of the games are also available on play store.

The games have been divided into two groups one group includes Racing Games with Motorbikes and the remaining group has cars and other Racing machines.
We will start with Motor Byke Games first.
The Top game for Racing with a motorbike is Traffic Rider.

Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is free game for bike category The Traffic Rider has 29 nine different bikes to choose. The real sound of all the different bikes are recorded and it provides joyful moments while playing the game. The game is available on google play store.

The Traffic Rider game also supports 19 different languages.

You can download the Game here.

Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4 is another good game and available to download for free. The game is developed by Deemedya INC. The Game provides the opportunity to earn cash while playing and there are also tournaments and had to head duels.

While playing the game there are many levels in the game and you can prove yourself as the best rider by qualifying the different level of the game and if you score highest you become a top-rated rider in the world.

The Trial Xtreme is recently updated on January 2, 2019, and the size of the game is 33M and install till to date is 10000000. The current version of Trial Xtreme is 2.7.0 and it requires Android 4.1 and higher.

Asphalt 8.

When we are taking car racing games how we can ignore the top-rated game among in the car racing category. The no.1 game in car racing is Asphalt 8.

Asphalt 8  Game consists of 140 and above cars, 40 different car racing tracks 1500 different challenges and five different gaming modes.

The Game developed by Gameloft and has been updated on December 19, 2018, and available for download on google play store. The current version of the game is 4.01a and it requires the Android 4.0.3 and up.

Asphalt Nitro

Another good game in car racing category is Asphalt Nitro developed the game again by Gameloft. You can enjoy a different luxury car like Ferrari and many other cars of your choice.
The game is available for download.

CSR Racing

The game CSR Racing is developed by NaturalMotionGames Ltd. The game has also a good quantity of downloads having 130 million downloads for the games.

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GTA 6 Apk + OBB Data Free Download for Android.

We have already provided GTA 5 and GTA 4 for our users to download from different sources and now we are adding GTA 6 Apk + OBB Data Free Download for Android to our site. The users of the game are the highest download the game for the site and keeping the interest of the users I am providing GTA 6 for download.

The GTA 6 Apk is updated version of previous GTA 5 and there are some additional facilities are added to GTA 6. This is an action game and with Grand Theft Auto the player decided the mission to take. In the game, the relationship with the various characters are totally changes based on their choices.
While playing the game you have to increase the stars to get more strength. When you are increasing the stars you have more power. With a single star only a few cars will chase the player and during the game when you are increasing the stars you are chased by tanks, helicopters. You have to avoid the police.  

All versions of GTA are not available on google play store so I am providing outside links to download GTA 6. The game is one the popular among the top downloaded games form the I personally recommend to download and play the game in your spear time for entertainment.

The Game has some good features like high definition graphics of the game makes it different from the other ordinary games. It is also capable of wireless Game control and also available in different languages. The game has the capability to customize its graphics for the smooth running of the game on your devices.
The Grand Theft Auto 6 is a small game by size and it is consist of 20.76 Mb and required Android 4 and higher develop by Rockstar Games.

Download GTA 5:

GTA 5 APK link (21.1 Mb)

GTA 5 Data Zip (600 Mb)


PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer 3.0 for Android APK Game download

PES 2019 for Android Apk is an updated version of PES 2018.  We are bringing the game for users of the site to update the current version and entrain themselves by using the new PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer for android. The game also supports other operating systems and you can download and play the game on your PC using windows operating system. The game also supports iPhone and also can be run on Tablets.

There are many other Games like PES 2019 but the game PES 2019 has some great functions and the game provide flexibility to the users to play according to their choice.  The Game gives the opportunity to control every player of the team during the player matches.

The Game is well designed for new and touchscreen devices either it is mobile of the touchscreen computing device. There are choosing to play the game in different modes one of the game modes is classic and the other is for the advanced level called modern mode. In both modes, there are some little differences and you can enjoy playing the game in both modes. All options are available in both environments.

With PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER you are able to play different leagues, tournaments, and the most important is you can participate in challenge Games. The game also provides to play with a friend using Bluetooth.

The other some features of game control your soccer, Play with official partnerships, play in real-time mode, you can also build your own team by selecting the best players of the world.

 Finally, I would like to say that PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer is full of entrainment with high graphics and look like to play in real mode.

You can download the game by different sources form may other sites. I am providing the download like at the top and also providing the like for download PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer and the end of the article.

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Dream League Soccer 2019 Apk download for Android


Dream League Soccer 2019 is a new game with new updates according to users demand. The Dream League 2019 Apk is available on different websites and blogs for download who love games for android. The game provides high-level entertainment to the users who are used to watch football.

Although there are too many football related Apks for download Dream League Soccer 2019 is unique features among all others football-related games and apps. It Provides different features on its updated version of the game.

The certain features like you can build your own team and are able to choose the best players on your own team it also provides the option to build your own stadium according to your own view and take the world with Dream League Soccer 2019 online.

Secondly, Dream League Soccer 2019 to totally free and you can download the APK for free of cost form this site. You can also download the game from google play store also and there are many other sites who have uploaded the game for their users to download.

The game facilitates the users of the game to manage its own dream team so the user of the game is capable to choose the best players of the world in his team formation.

The game also provides the visual realistic animation for the games supported devices. It looks that you are really playing the game in a stadium. The high-quality graphic used in the game provides the users perfect entertainment while playing the Dream League Soccer 2019.

There are regular events in the game for the time to time and you have to play the game accordingly and when you got ranked and win the game you are awarded the unique prizes and medals like it also happens in the real games.

The game interface lets you create and customize and control your own dream team. There are 6 divisions and over seven Cup competitions in the game. The game also provides to take part in live events to win the prizes.

The game is updated n 21st December 2019 and the size of the game is 71M on the disk, the current version of the game is 6.05 and it requires Android 4.4 and advances version of the Android operating system. The game is offered by First Touch Games Ltd.

You can download the game by the below link.


Lucky Patcher Game APK for Android download free.


The Lucky Patcher Game Apk for Android is one of the most downloaded games outside google play store. The game is not available on google play store and can be download from its own site or any other site including me site have provided download links for Lucky Patcher Game.

Like other tools Lucky Patcher, an Android tool use for changing the application on Android devices and is also available for PC and smartphones.

Most Apps like Lucky Patcher need root for change permissions of the devices but lucky patcher works if your device is even nonrooted. Remember the application fully works with root and all 

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PUG Moblie APK

Dream League Soccer 2019

download ultimate facebook auto liker Apk

Features are available for rooted devices.

You can root your device by using other apps which provides the option to root your device.  To root your device you can use Kingroot app.  By searching on google or any other search engine you will find the Kingroot app easily.

Using Kingroot or any other app first root your device and then apply Lucky Pather to change the apps on your device and systems.

Lucky Patcher removes ads for all free apps.

While playing games on your devices some advertisement repeat while playing games. To avoid ads lucky patcher is the only option which removes ads while playing games. By this, the users of the game did not disturb while playing games.

The game also helps the users to gain extra coins and other gaming resources.

Lucky patcher also facilitates the users to get extra coins, keys and other resources of any game. You can modify any game at any level using Lucky Patcher apps.

Lucky patcher also helps to play paid apps for free using the app. The app bypasses the process of verification and you can play paid apps without paying the amount to the apps.

System Requirement

Following are the requirements for Lucky Patcher App.

The App requires Android version 2.3 and above and It also works on smartphones. For Windows operating it is compatible with windows 7 and onward versions of windows.
The app requires at least 2GB of Ram and 10 Gb internal space on the system.

Finally, I am sharing the downloading link for the App as I have mentioned above that the Lucky Patcher app is not available on google play store and I am providing the link for an app for outside of play store.


Subway Surf Game Apk free download

Subway surf game is available on google play store and other sites for free download. Subway surf is a good game and if you will search top downloaded games on play store you will find the game top of searches.

Initially, subway surf was available to download for Android users and game become popular day by day and the developers of the game also make different versions for other operating systems. It is now available to many other operating systems like Apple and other operating systems.

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It is a running game with endless and if you have not yet played subway surf try it and hopefully, you will enjoy the game. The game is developed by Kiloo and well-known company in the gaming industry.

As per google play store statics, it has been downloaded by more than 500 million users the static does not include other downloads for the rest of play store.

Features of Subway Surf Game.

Subway surf Game is Developed in height definition and so the quality of the picture of the game makes it different from other low-resolution games.

Due to HD quality, the Game provides a joyful screen to its users.
The Game has the capacity to connect on social media and you can invite friends to play and it is also capable help friends while playing.
The weekly hunt puzzle with the newer version of the game.

The Subway Surf latest version is released on 13th December and the current version of the game is 1.96.2 and size of the game is 82 M. The game requires Android 4.1 and higher.

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Downloading link:

Following are the downloading links for download Subway Surf. You can also download the game directly from google play store. You can also go through positive comments. The current rating for Subway Surf is 4.5 out of 5 scores.


Gun War: Shooting Games APK Download For Android

Hello, friends, I am providing a new and updates game Gun War shooting Game Apk for the user. Hopefully, you will enjoy playing the game with your devices.

The game provides the opportunity to download and play offline facility to the gamers.  Those who enjoy playing with guns the Gun War is a perfect and joyful game to the gamers.  

The Gun War shooting game provides some unique features and those are as under.

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Features of Gun War Apk.

The games have more than fifty weapons waiting for you and the have had another feature is its support to more than fifteen languages.

More the 124 shooters tasks and also provide six special games type. You can upgrade the weapon system and if you have an ordinary weapon the game provides the facility to upgrade the ordinary weapon to advance weapon system.

The game also provides unique mercenary and team system and world champs and leaderboards to challenge game players around the globe.

The Gun War Apk gives unique intelligence system so each and every enemy is unique.
The game provides good images and platform and the most of all features the game is easy to play even you don’t have experience for playing Gun War like games previously.

The Gun War is free to download and compatible with all devices and providing battle sound.

The game is updated on 13 December 2018 with the new version 2.8.0 and size is 59 M requires the Android 4.1 and higher.

The game is developed and offered by shooter studio.

Finally, I am providing download links for the games. The game is also available on google play store and can be download directly.


World Link Game Apk free download for Android and PC

Hello, friends, we are providing an app named world Link that provides gaming facility as we as learning vocabulary. The game is design to increase the vocabulary with different steps each step is totally different from its previous step.

The game has different levels and tests each level and test provides different tests to train your brain and increase your vocabulary.

There are many other ways to increase your vocabulary some are recommending to read newspapers and not down the word and their meaning and try to remember them. On the other hand, some other people use different dictionaries to improve their vocabulary.

But all the above looks boring to do as for a common student.  

So I am recommending Word Link to improve your vocabulary. World Link provide gaming facility and users for the game do not get feeling uneasy and improve his or her vocabulary by enjoying the gaming environment.

Features of world Link

Following are the key features of the game word Link.
The game has simple and easy rules
You can play the game in both environments online and offline
The game also facilitates no time limits to its users.
The lovely feature of the game is it has classic graphics and light music in the background.
You can play the game even you are offline.
You can change the level of the game at any time you can go to previous levels and also able to share the levels with your friends
Last you can explore bonus words to get extra rewards.

Requirements for the game

The world Link game updates December 4, 2018, and size of the game is 33M  requires Android 4.1 or greater version.
The game offered by Worzzle Games.

Finally, I am providing the download link for the game. The World Link is published on google play store and also I am providing some external links to the game for download.

Download links

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Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia free Apk download

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia free Apk is the most famous and the most used game in the list of Apk. Here we help you to download this game on Android and IOS devices. This game is specially released for Android and IOS, it is a part of the 2D shooter game. The Mini Militia is free to play that’s why it is listed in top games in play store and Indian apple store in 2017, by then it is the most famous game in Apk history. Its latest version is 4.2.6.

The game is really interesting, the virtual stick on the left side of the screen helps you to move yourself and change your direction and the aiming stick on the right side helps you to aim. You can shoot the target as long as you point the target but the only thing is to worry about the target aiming. You can also use safety shield for saving your life power after hits from gunshots.

You can change your character and also change your weapons from setting menu.

You can improve your level by winning the previous level and each level is pretty well, you have to face your enemy on every space on the screen and you can use plenty of space to escape from enemy, you can use the most powerful weapons to shoot enemy and also use hand grenade to a strong blast.

The most interesting thing in the game is you can play multiplayer with your friends, you can connect 12 players at a time inside the same Wi-Fi network in your smartphone.

Mini Militia has been updated on November 12. 2018 size on is 47M and the current version is 4.1.1 requires Android 4.1 and up.

Finally, I am providing downlink for the game. I hope you will enjoy playing the game.

External link

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Master Android Tutorial App Apk Download for Android


Master Android

 Master Android is a new app develop by lab Developers size on disk is 7.3M and require android 4.0. The app is for all levels of android developers from beginners to experts.

The app provides learning the opportunity to beginners with step by step lessons free code and learning contents and many more with the app.

Currently, in the gaming and other development areas, the android is taking lead. In the development area, if you will search apps you will find the highest number of apps are developed with android development systems.

For the beginners of Android, the app provides the course make easy to learn. The app also provides daily base updates it lessons for users. By frequently updating lessons on daily bases the users of the app is updating his knowledge and with the next day, he/she is waiting to Master with the new lesson.

The Master Android also publish coding tutorials for free and source code are also available for reference. By publishing source code you can compare your coding method and the coding provided by experts on daily bases. By doing this you become expert for the beginner with Master Android app.

After completing the course you become expert for android coding and at a certain level, you start to develop your own application with the app.

Although you can learn android by reading books it is easy to learn by a practical demonstration of the coding with your Android device. With book first you have learned android by reading and after reading you have to implement the codes with the android device.

While Master Android gives you the platform to learn the course with your device and implement the coding.

If you will go through the comments you will see that different user from beginners to advance level for learning users have very useful and good comments for Master Android Apps. One of the qualities of the app is that it is available for all devices and there are many video tutorials available with the master android online.

The tutorials for Master Android are available in four different languages English, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian.

Finally, I am providing the link for downloading the app for your device. I would request to make comments at the end of the article.

with the app, you can find android tutorials for development.

Downloading link


ARK Survival Evolved Apk Download for Android

ark survival evolved free to play is an updated game of google play store. The game is developed by www.wardrumstudios November 2018. The ark survival requires android 7.0 and till to date, 1 million users have downloaded from google play store.

Ark survival evolved is a unique game consists of more than eighty dinosaurs. The game provides the opportunity to meet with other players with friends and to work from tribes and work together to make colonies for survival.

The survival evolved subscription of two types one is monthly and the others is a yearly subscription for the game. For the subscribers, it removes all the adds. The subscriber is also able to choose preferred survival and preferred slots for the game. It also updates the news for the game and time to time updates for its users.

In the game, you are thrown to an island without arms and you have to survive. You have to collect all the necessaries to live. You have to build shelter collecting other resources for crafts etc. You have to generate food cultivate land and produce crafts.

The game is not for normal devices and you can play the game on greater than 7.0 and ram for the game should be above 4GB. If you will play the game on a normal device it will become heated. So before downloading the game, you should know that your android set makes sure that the set having 7.0 or above.

The above was the short description and features of the game. Hopefully, you will enjoy the game.

For downloading ARK survival evolved I am sharing two types of links one is ----------- and other is for direct download from google play store.

Download Links:

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GBwhatsApp Apk Download Free Android Mobiles

GBwhatsapp Apk 2018

With the new version of GBWhatapps the security and privacy features are improved as compared to the previous version of GBwhatsapp. With the new version, there is the addition of many other missing functions.
You can share different types of documents like PDF, Docs, and other text files. The file size limit if up to 50 Mbs.

see also:

You can also connect more than one account with GBWhatsapp at the same time. In down versions of GBWhatsapp the facility was limited and you were able to connect only one account at the same time.
The app is also providing regular updates.

Requirements for GBwhatsapp
GBWhatsapp requires Andriod 4.0 or greater version of Android, the size of the file is 28Mb. It doesn't require root.

Finally, I am providing the downloading link to the app. GBWhatsapp is available for Android only and the version is currently not available for iPhone.

Download Links:


The Sims Freeplay Apk + Data Download

The sims freeplay play APK game is made on life experience for child hood to become young falls in love with some one getting married and starts a family life.  Games sims for android provides the solutions of hardships of life in the gaming form.

Although there are lot of games online and many games on Google play store provides the opportunity to play for excitement. I personally recommend Sims freeplay APK to play on your free time for entertainment.

Sims freeplay game provides the opportunity to play like in real life. It gives you different thems and one the best theem is dress theme which provides you the interact with the people and start sims family.

The sims freeplay game is easy to play and provides a good interface to play. The game become popular day by day among the other games and getting rank by the google play store.

The Sims mobile APK has although many features and some most popular features are you can start new life form birth to become adult and getting marries children. It is simulator of the real life.

The second good feature of the online game is it provides the advantage to add pets in your house. There are many beautiful pets and you can add your pet animals to your house.
Sims online free download has many different features and one the feature is its gives you felixablity to design house. The characters of Sims can live in the design houses.

To download sims freeplay APK I am sharing the link for the game and you can down the game by other source like google play store and many other sites have also provided the link to download the game. If you will google the name of the game you will find too many sites who have given the download link for the game.

If you download the game and enjoy playing please let me know by commenting on my site. This will encourage me to bring more games like Sims for android for you and I will informed by your positive and negative comments.

Screen Images of the game.

you can also download form google play store:

The Sims Freeplay Apk