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Latest Facebook APK - Download for Android

Now Getting connected to friends and family is very quick and effortless. Latest Facebook APK is best for it features; you can easily share updates, videos and photos, even you can also share question answers. Latest Facebook APK is best to practice social activities on internet, where you can connect with friends and Pages, and stay in touch to communities. 

Features of the latest Facebook APK:

·   Stay Connected with loved ones and meet new individuals
·   Write and update statues.
·   Enjoy using Facebook emoticon to show what's happening around you
·   Upload and share photographs, and short movie clips with your most loved ones
·   You will get updates of likes and comments through notifications
·   Plan an event and keep all your friends connected via Facebook
·   Play games through Facebook with your Facebook friends and get scores on scoreboard
·   Make albums of your memorable photographs
·   Facebook will remind you to of your memories
·   Follow the pages of your favorite personalities and get updates about them.
·   Get updates about well-known organizations via their official pages.
·   Use Facebook for business, you can easily sell and buy things.
·   Share your live recordings or watch others’.

This latest Facebook APK has more to give you; you can get in touch with your friends and family. It is of your choice to customize your activities, such as you can categorize friends list according to your choice. Share photos, videos or updates can be viewed if you allow them to view.  Privacy if fully intact, you can unfriend, block or report, if someone or something disturbs you and your personal dignity.

Latest Facebook APK likewise keeps you aware of the most recent news and current occasions far and wide. Stay in touch to your most loved VIPs, brands, news sources, specialists, or games groups to take after their newsfeeds, and enjoy live video recordings.

The most essential work area highlights of latest Facebook APK are the easy and fast accessible on the application, for example, composing on courses of events, loving photographs, perusing for individuals, and altering your profile and gatherings.

I know this is true love of all social people, and never stay away to have it on android mobile device. So, If you want to download latest Facebook APK on your android, just click on the link given below and enjoy being social.


Download Dr. Driving 1.50 apk- Free For Android


On downloadapkpure, the latest Dr. Driving 2 1.50 apk is free to download. You can enjoy racing game on your android mobile device with android version 4.0.3 and up. Dr. Driving 2 1.50 apk is full of amusement that moves from the excellent games of hustling vehicles, with the matchless speed marks.

 Dr. Driving 2 1.50 apk has an extraordinary features that works on a modular that gives you a chance to drive typical vehicles, in amazing urban surroundings, and at perfect swiftness. 

Download the latest Dr. Driving 2 1.50 apk for free and be part of million fans of Dr Driving 2.

I bet you will enjoy the every bit of Dr. Driving 1.50 apk. 

The entertainment has heaps of various missions that for the most part expect you to get starting with one point then onto the next in the city, and afterward stop your vehicle. The objective isn't to go full speed through the boulevards of the city, yet to take the vehicle in good condition, without crash and eventually, to drive capably. 

Finishing missions in Dr. Driving 1.50 apk will bring great reward, but it is subject upon how well you do, you will get a measure of cash. Also, with this cash, as you could most likely figure, you can purchase increasingly and better vehicles for your treks around town. 

Dr. Driving 1.50 apk is full of thrill and excitement. 

Dr. Driving is an alternate and engaging driving entertainment, which for once, does not request that you take an interest in exciting street races, as long this time you should try to enjoy driving life.

If you want to Download Dr. Driving 1.50 apk on your android device 4.0.3 and up, click on the download link given below and enjoy Dr. Driving 1.50 apk for free. 


Cars: Lightning League Apk- Free Download for Android

Are you looking for cars racing game offered by Disney?
If yes, follow me and Download the Cars: Lightning League Apk for free.

Fast and quick Racing demonstrates Cars: Lightning League Apk as the world’s best racing games that will not get over by any other game. If you are here to download Cars: Lightning League Apk, just follow the link to get this amazing game on your mobile for free.

To download Cars: Lightning League Apk you must have android 4.0.3 and up. The current version is the real caught off-guard by another age of blasting quick racers; the unbelievable Lightning McQueen is abruptly pushed out of the game that cherishes.

To get back in the amusement, Cars: Lightning League Apk is a great gift that makes the Piston Cup champ in notable film areas as he gets ready for an expedient rebound in this all-new amusement roused by Disney•Pixar's "Autos 3."

It is everything if we have Cars: Lightning League Apk in our android device. This amazing game with excellent racers highlighting and Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, and then some others is mesmerizing. While playing you can change or Overhaul your car and can investigate their actual potential by achieving crazy records with super breaking speeds.

• Thrilling RACE on "cars 3" propelled on expeditious tracks, driving on the shoreline, consume elastic close Radiator Springs, and that's just the beginning!
• Fast collection of new speedsters like Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez, are old and top choice for all.
• Quick Completion of missions will open new options to increase new overhauls and rush past your opponents.
•Supper victory will make you to win cool prizes.

If you want to download Cars: Lightning League, you must know that this amazing application is linked to the online networking sites. Thus this adds energizing updates like new and updated content, and in addition, this is also publicizing platform for The Walt Disney Family.

This versatile application has splendid features of in-application selling and publicizing mail. In-application selling and buying has option of cash payment as well as it can be the online charge system. To debilitate or change the capacity you can to make modification in your mobile settings.

So, we regard your desires with respect to your Privacy. You can practice control and decision by resetting your Advertising Identifier in your gadget's Privacy Settings.

I bet if you will download Cars: Lightning League Apk you will never regret.

To download Cars: Lightning League Apk click on the link given below.


Download PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK - Free For Android


Playing 3D games are true fun. I hope you agree with me. 
If you have PSP games on your mobile phone in hand with 3D display and feature, what you will call it.

I know it is Blast of Fun.

 Isn’t it!

Downloadapkpure will help you to have blast of fun, just in one click.

As you know, best of the PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK is an emulator for android devices that allows mobile to accept 3D features. In addition it will add power to you mobile to run full speed games with super class graphics.

PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK is not for any specific game, not even it contains any special game. This helps PSP games files like ISO or CSo files or free homebrew games, to run as the best. The games available on internet are also supported by PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK. You can put the games in /PSP/GAME on your SD card / USB storage and run it on your mobile.

Download PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK and get the full amazement for free on your android device with version 2.3 and up.

Features of PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK

·         Maximum Vulkan supportive
·         Supports other storage devices
·         Limited to support PSP GPS and camera
·         Supports Arabic language
·         Supportive to Android devices
·         Scales the screen automatically
·         Fixes geometrical issues
·         Simulates and strategies the video game
·         Tessellation of Hardware to support PSP Beziers and Splines
·         Constant heat or temperature control
·         Fixes various bug easily

The latest PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK is best to work with android 2.3 and up. PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK is liked and downloaded by 10 million users.

PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK is a gift offered by Henrik Rydgard.
Thanks Henrik Rydgard for such an amazing tool.

Download PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK and add the special taste to gaming life.

To download PPSSP- PSP Emulator APK, Click on the download Link given below.


Free Cheetah Keyboard Apk - Download For Android

For the first time ever Andriod 3D Cheetah keyboard Apk is available for you on Top rated Apk, without disturbance of advertisement will give you a large number of free themes of keyboard with super cool designs and phenomenal background.
Here the classy Cheetah keyboard Apk is similar to Hello Kitty APK Theme is now available for you. Download free Cheetah keyboard Apk for your android device to enjoy the colorful addition on your mobile.


Wonderful Online Dictionary
Cheetah keyboard Apk has an excellent dictionary that works online.  Thus you can search anything that you want to know about. You will find lots of information about names, words, phrases, songs and movies just on one click. Cheetah keyboard Apk is easy and fast to use, it also suggest words that minimizes the time usages.

Quick and stylish Reply
Quick and stylish reply will save your time on Cheetah Keyboard. Cheetah Keyboard is a keyboard that was developed earlier then any other keyboard. In view of the messages you got, Cheetah Keyboard proposes three reactions at most for you to answer much quickly.

Lots of Free Keyboard Themes
Free keyboard themes are easy and accessible on Cheetah Keyboard Apk. Most liked themes like Fidget Spinner, Hello Kitty, tropical storm, skull and spray painting, and so forth are free for all users.

Select Your Themes
Cheetah keyboard Apk enables you to select your own particular theme, e.g. background pictures and backdrops can be easily change, you can own a particular photographs, evolving text styles, music (sound) and the shade of keypads as background pictures and backdrops.

Quick Swype
Do you need to speed typing? Attempt swipe to type! No need to write whole words, simply utilize fingers to swype through keypads. Swipe typing will triple your writing speed with Cheetah keyboard Apk.

Input using your voice
Typing is tiring. Cheetah keyboard Apk is easy to input, not only with typing but it also detect voice. 

Emoticon Keyboard
Emoticons is charming and in supper attractive to use in chat.
Cheetah keyboard Apk furnishes you with emoticons, as well as recommends emoticons. Our emoticon work of art is given by EmojiOne.

Prominent GIFs and Memes
Cheetah keyboard Apk also has GIFS. Cheetah Keyboard GIF is provided in collaboration with Giphy. You will get wide range of the most prevalent GIFs and Memes.
To download the supper coolest Cheetah keyboard Apk for free on your android device, click on the link given below and be cool like cheetah.


Latest RAR (WinRAR) APK- Download Free For Android


For its best features latest RAR (WinRAR) APK is most liked application by more than 10 million people around the world. RAR is innovative, free of charge, easy, and fast.latest RAR (WinRAR) APK is for all those who want to work everything on their mobile at easy hand. If you want an RAR (WinRAR) APK that will easily help you to zip and unzip your folders easily on your mobile. Then, RAR (WinRAR) APK is for you
Like 10 million others if you wish to download the latest RAR (WinRAR) APK, Stay at to get it. Here you can easily download latest RAR (WinRAR) APK for your mobile with android version 4.0.3 and up. The great Gift of RARLAB which is published by win.rar.GmbH, for all though who are interested to Compress, archive, extract, manage the files on their android devices.
RAR (WinRAR) APK can make RAR and ZIP and unzip RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ files. Rundown of capacities incorporate repair command to protect ZIP and RAR documents, level of ideal work with RARLAB's WinRAR benchmark, recovers the record, regular and recovery the audio, videos and all type of documents with CPU centers that packs information.

RAR (WinRAR) APK is best to standard ZIP records, unzip bolsters purpose for ZIP and ZIPX with BZIP2, LZMA, PPMd and XZ pressure likewise as secret word secured ZIP. Unrar control is accessible for all adaptations of RAR files including the most recent RAR5, secret key ensured and recorded.
RAR (WinRAR) APK shows advertisements to take care of advancement costs. You can pay in choices menu to get rid of advertisements. RAR (WinRAR) APK asks for access to organize, seeing system associations and charging to show or impair ads.
I bet you will love RAR (WinRAR) APK, because it is package full of helping tools. 

This is best to work on your android device. If you want to Download the latest RAR (WinRAR) APK now, just click on the download link given below.


Need for Speed™ No Limits APK- Free Download for Android


You are on DOWNLOADAPKPURE to download Need for Speed™ No Limits APK for free. If you have a crazy for racing cars, then I bet you will enjoy and love the best ever racing game, named as Need for Speed™ No Limits APK. Racing becomes fun when we play Need For Speed.

Need for Speed™ No Limits APK is real time racing game that can bring thrill and excitement to the game. You can select your liked car to enjoy racing. Think of your most desired ride with your most favorite car and location. Take your full amazement while enjoying the ride in full speed with uproarious pedal. Enjoy the winning race, make your value up as best player. Play best to get not only the chances of getting high point but this will also allow you to select lot more customize options in game 

Download Need for Speed™ No Limits APK on your android device and enjoy the ride with most enjoying racing game.

1.   More than 2.5 million custom combos to play with.
2. Lots of cars for race, such as Subaru Brz to the BMW m4, Mclaren 650s, Porsche 911, and may more
3. Spots like the mod shop and the black market
4. Beautiful and various locations
5. Racing competitions to prove 
6. Fearless racing like adrenaline-powered driving and drifting 
7. Race to win
8. Excellent control over break and accelerator 
9. The best ever and the most fastest cars 
10. Take the 2014 Koenigsegg one:1 for a turn with the no man's land extraordinary occasion 
11. Burn elastic with the 2014 Hennessey Venom Gt in the Blackridge rumble extraordinary occasion 
12. Speed your approach to triumph in the 1998 Mclaren f1 proving ground 
13. Take on one of six great need for speed no limits extraordinary occasions 
14. Become a big cheese in Blackridge rivals season 12 
15. Race now to manage the avenues

To get Need for Speed™ No Limits APK, Click on the download link given below and don’t forget to disable in app purchases from your device settings. 


World Cricket Championship 2 Apk - Download Free For Android


A new 3D cricket game, World Cricket Championship 2 Apk is introduced for cricket fans by nextwave multimedia. Now every cricket lover can enjoy cricket gaming in their mobile at any involves many interesting and typical cricket shots like dil-scoop, helicopter shot and upper-cut! World Cricket Championship 2 Apk is made for every cricket fan!
You can make your own team squad and buck up your own teams by banners. It also has different animations, more cricketing stadiums, more balance and camera angles. This cricket game “world cricket championship 2”has more and better features due to which it become more dynamic and multipurpose in the cricket gaming. Have more fun!
Features of World Cricket Championship 2 Apk are:

  • It includes 69 typical batting shots and 8 more bowling actions.
  • Play the Blitz tournament and have fun free.
  • Magnetic fielders with spectacular catches and immediate throws to make the challenger stun.
  • Genuine ball physics which acts to the pitch (dead, dusty and green).
  • Player qualities – player can get more skills for playing good this helps them to progress increasingly
  • It contains 18 different international teams,10 national teams, 24 unique stadiums, TEST cricket, many interesting events and more than 4 tournaments involving world cup, world t20 cup, Blitz tournament and ODI series.
  • Bands of cricket mode where we can select different type of mode and enjoy.
  • Friendly challenge enables you to challenge your friends to enjoy.
  • If a batsman doesn’t choose a good shot selection he can get injured.
  • The feelings of fielders change according to the match.
  • The visual appeal of the game looks good due to the cinematic cameras and real time lighting.
  • The game data is represented by 3D wagon wheel.
  • Bowling summary & for Leg Before the Wicket appeals Hawk-eye view is easy to clear.
  • Display for innings run score is in 3D Bar chart.
  • Multiple camera angles are useful for Ultra slow motion Action replays.
  • More than 40 in-game camera angles are displaying real game.
  • Two batting controls (Classic and Pro).
  • Two distinctive batting ends camera settings (Bowler's end and Batsman's end).
  • Fielders are arranged with cutting edge ball - head coordination framework.
  • Professional English and Hindi Audio critique with dynamic ground sounds.
  • Common field position to control your adversary batsman in all modes.
  • Offer and spare amusement features produced toward the finish of the match.
  • You can alter the playing 11 group, player names and their parts.
  • Misfielding, shocking wicket keeper gets, snappy confusing and tight third umpire choices to make reasonable cricketing knowledge.
  • 26 new batting shots with fielding, umpiring and tossing animations

    I bet you will love this game. Don’t miss chance and download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk and enjoy your time. To Download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk for free on your android device, just click on the link given below.


    YouTube Kids Apk - Download Free For Android


    You are on Download Apkpure that will lead you towards the place full of learning and fun made only for kids. Download YouTube Kids Apk for your kids for free on Android device of version 4.0.3 and up. YouTube Kids Apk is more secure and less difficult for children to investigate the world through online video. YouTube Kids Apk is best enjoyed loved videos and music to adapting best practices to fabricate a model spring of gushing lava and everything in the middle. There's additionally an entire suite of parental controls in YouTube Kids, so you can download YouTube Kids Apk to modify the experience to your family's needs.

    YouTube Kids Apk is more secure online surfing place for kids. YouTube Kids Apk utilizes a blend of channels, client input and human analysts to keep the recordings in YouTube Kids family well disposed. Yet, no framework is flawless and improper recordings can sneak past, so YouTube Kids  Apk is always attempting to enhance our shields and offer more highlights to enable guardians to make the correct involvement for their families.

    Features of YouTube Kids Apk:

    Child PROFILES:
    Make up to eight child profiles, each with their own review inclinations, video proposals, and settings.

    Discover a video or channel you don't need your child to watch? Square it to consequently expel it from the majority of your children's profiles.

    Caution us instantly by detailing recordings that shouldn't be in the YouTube Kids Apk. The video will be sent to us for quick audit.

    Turn look on so children can get to more recordings. Turn look off for a more contained ordeal.

    Set up a clock as far as possible on to what extent your children can play with the application.

    Monitor what your children are viewing in the application.

    Accumulate your family and appreciate YouTube Kids on select TVs

    Parental setup is expected to guarantee the most ideal experience for your child on YouTube Kids Apk. YouTube Kids Apk contains paid advertisements with a specific end goal to offer the application for nothing. Your child may likewise observe recordings with business content from YouTube makers that are not paid promotions.

    YouTube Kids Apk has vital data for guardians with Family Link Google accounts. You can make Google Accounts for kids younger than 13 in Family Link. Your children can sign into YouTube Kids Apk with their Google Account. You can get to parental settings in the Family Link application and empower an extra substance level setting in our application. Pick into a "more established" setting on the off chance that you feel your child is prepared for less confined recordings. These recordings may contain some express dialect and symbolism, savagery and suggestive substance. Furthermore, this setting tries to avoid develop content, yet no mechanized framework is impeccable and your child may discover content with bareness, very hostile dialect, and extraordinary viciousness.

    The Privacy Notice for Google Accounts made in Family Link portrays our security hones when your child utilizes YouTube Kids with their Google Account. At the point when your child utilizes YouTube Kids Apk without marking into their Google Account, the YouTube Kids Apk confidentiality note affects.

    Download YouTube Kids Apk for free on your android device 4.0.3 and up, Just by clicking on the download link given below.

    Download Here (External Link)


    The Real Gangster City Theft Apk -Download Free For Android


    Here on Downloadapkpure, The Real Gangster City Theft Apk is free for you. With strong fighters in real gangster theft auto is full of real thrill. You can Download The real Gangster City Theft Apk for free on your Android device 4.0 and up.

    In this exciting Real Gangster City Theft, the crime action such as raiding expensive property of others will make you to confront with mafia crowd. Along with this as a great criminal, you can't take after any laws, just to center your objective and discover areas full of super expensive vehicles. You encounter against mobster will bring great thrill and the super gun shooting will help you to raid perfectly.

    The real Gangster City Theft Apk is also a racing game for racing lovers; you can drive care or motorbike to ride or hustling with your opponents in the city of criminal. With a support of quality controls, 3D feature will open the world robbery mission and demonstrate your marvelous gangster skills. Getting into city of criminal will takes something beyond shooting pack individuals from the enemy equip and going on group wars to pick up control of the turf.
    Investigate the new universe with Real Gangster City Theft Apk, with various vehicles to drive and ace. With heaps of warmth from equal gangsters and police, survive the perilous universe of the city of criminals and open different characters to play and extend your group. Discover a few approaches with Real Gangster City Theft Apk to profit, take autos, win money, and ascend to the best in this mafia test system.

    Features of Real Gangster City Theft Apk;
    ·         Easy and simple to control
    ·         Best ever graphics 
    ·         True 3D effect
    ·         expedition with more and more levels
    ·         trilling racing of skill
    ·         advancement of prop up
    ·         Discovering the new city 

    In Real Gangster City Theft Apk you are in a fanatic shooting activity, this will open the world of mafia, full of criminal in criminal city of Real Gangster City Theft Apk with best for you to play on your Android device 4.0 and up. If you you love game of thrill, just click on the download link given below.
    Download Here (Direct link)
    Download Here (External link)

    Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) Antivirus, Booster Apk -Download free for Android


    Are you here on downloadapkpure for best antivirus Application for your Android device? If yes, you are on right way to get the best ever Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) - Antivirus, Booster Apk for free. Download Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) - Antivirus, Booster Apk like other 45 million people around the world. And secure your android device with version 4.0.3 and up from all harmful malwares.

    Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk is very easy, safe, fast and smooth for your android device. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk has supper cool features that actively act upon to protect your device by scanning both SD cars and internal storage. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk is Double Engine Antivirus that detects and removes harmful threats. The Super Cleaner works as best cleaner to eliminate all scrap and cache files in device.  Thus it helps mobile to process actively and softly.

    Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk has CPU cooling method that controls heating system of device. App Lock is also best feature of this amazing app.Blocking call and quick charging and safe net browsing is very effective for all. You can also easily clean and securely manage your device with Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk.

    Features of Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk;

    ·         Security is controlled by Intel Security “MacAfee”
    ·         Removes harmful files
    ·         Makes more space and lift telephone speed.
    ·         Lock with unique secret key and finger impression,
    ·         Directs and sort outs warnings adequately
    ·         Cooling system for device
    ·         Block calls and disturbing numbers
    ·         Wi-Fi link rate and security Test
    ·         Programmed timely Virus Scan
    ·         Deep scanning and checking Files
    ·         Protected internet searching

    Download this amazing Application here for free. If you want the best protecting application just click on the download link below, and protect your Android 4.0.3 and up with Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk.