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The Real Gangster City Theft Apk -Download Free For Android


Here on Downloadapkpure, The Real Gangster City Theft Apk is free for you. With strong fighters in real gangster theft auto is full of real thrill. You can Download The real Gangster City Theft Apk for free on your Android device 4.0 and up.

In this exciting Real Gangster City Theft, the crime action such as raiding expensive property of others will make you to confront with mafia crowd. Along with this as a great criminal, you can't take after any laws, just to center your objective and discover areas full of super expensive vehicles. You encounter against mobster will bring great thrill and the super gun shooting will help you to raid perfectly.

The real Gangster City Theft Apk is also a racing game for racing lovers; you can drive care or motorbike to ride or hustling with your opponents in the city of criminal. With a support of quality controls, 3D feature will open the world robbery mission and demonstrate your marvelous gangster skills. Getting into city of criminal will takes something beyond shooting pack individuals from the enemy equip and going on group wars to pick up control of the turf.
Investigate the new universe with Real Gangster City Theft Apk, with various vehicles to drive and ace. With heaps of warmth from equal gangsters and police, survive the perilous universe of the city of criminals and open different characters to play and extend your group. Discover a few approaches with Real Gangster City Theft Apk to profit, take autos, win money, and ascend to the best in this mafia test system.

Features of Real Gangster City Theft Apk;
·         Easy and simple to control
·         Best ever graphics 
·         True 3D effect
·         expedition with more and more levels
·         trilling racing of skill
·         advancement of prop up
·         Discovering the new city 

In Real Gangster City Theft Apk you are in a fanatic shooting activity, this will open the world of mafia, full of criminal in criminal city of Real Gangster City Theft Apk with best for you to play on your Android device 4.0 and up. If you you love game of thrill, just click on the download link given below.
Download Here (Direct link)
Download Here (External link)

Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) Antivirus, Booster Apk -Download free for Android


Are you here on downloadapkpure for best antivirus Application for your Android device? If yes, you are on right way to get the best ever Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) - Antivirus, Booster Apk for free. Download Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) - Antivirus, Booster Apk like other 45 million people around the world. And secure your android device with version 4.0.3 and up from all harmful malwares.

Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk is very easy, safe, fast and smooth for your android device. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk has supper cool features that actively act upon to protect your device by scanning both SD cars and internal storage. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk is Double Engine Antivirus that detects and removes harmful threats. The Super Cleaner works as best cleaner to eliminate all scrap and cache files in device.  Thus it helps mobile to process actively and softly.

Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk has CPU cooling method that controls heating system of device. App Lock is also best feature of this amazing app.Blocking call and quick charging and safe net browsing is very effective for all. You can also easily clean and securely manage your device with Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk.

Features of Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk;

·         Security is controlled by Intel Security “MacAfee”
·         Removes harmful files
·         Makes more space and lift telephone speed.
·         Lock with unique secret key and finger impression,
·         Directs and sort outs warnings adequately
·         Cooling system for device
·         Block calls and disturbing numbers
·         Wi-Fi link rate and security Test
·         Programmed timely Virus Scan
·         Deep scanning and checking Files
·         Protected internet searching

Download this amazing Application here for free. If you want the best protecting application just click on the download link below, and protect your Android 4.0.3 and up with Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Apk.


Subway Surfers Apk Download Free latest Version For Android


The latest Subway Surfers Apk is an exciting amusement and fun package with new mechanics which are fundamentally the same as the well-known diversion Temple Run, where you need to escape the police in an unsafe and clearly surrendered prepare station, with trains going by at full speed. Download the latest version of Subway surfer Apk for free and enjoy the thrill.
 While playing Subway Surfers you can distinct it with Temple Run, in Subway Surfers you don't control your character with the accelerator. Somewhat, you need to move your character between three lanes by swiping your finger over the screen. Obviously, you can hop over the impediments and spool on the ground to get away from some others. You can likewise utilize distinctive apparatuses like jet packs or skateboards to help you in your endless race. 
Like you'd envision about this kind of amusement, you need to finish various missions in Subway surfer, where you can inspire coins to purchase overhauls. This is just the same old thing new, yet it is yet engaging and interesting.
Subway Surfer has innovative and great illustrations. Such a great amount of that on occasion it will hold up in stations that are not effective. The characters resemble a genuine treated and the surface is extremely like.
Beyond any doubt, Subway surfer is the extremely engaging amusement and I wager that you will be addictive and It keeps you adhered to the screen for quite a long time while attempting to beat our companion's records, which will, over and over, check over the web.

Hats off to “Kiloo” for amazing game. You can download the latest version of Subway surfer Apk for free and can be part of Subway surfer lovers like one billion other people. The Current Version of Subway surfer Apk is 1.80.1. And it requires Android of 4.1 and up. To Download Subway surfer Apk for free, Click on the download link given below.

Cooking Fever Apk Download Free For Android


If you love cooking or want to learn cooking, don’t miss this amazing chance to get the best ever Cooking Fever Apk for your android device. Cooking Fever is an Andriod Application with amazing feature and themes. You can use given ingredients to cook amazing food on your mobile.
It is a fun to cool yummy snacks and sweet dishes of different countries. From Desserts of India and Fast Food to an Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurant, you will have the capacity to rehearse your aptitudes in an assortment of settings and cooking strategies. You can utilize more than a hundred ingredients for scrumptious cooking of great dishes. Attempt all the kitchen apparatuses, from espresso creators and rice cookers to pizza broilers and popcorn producers.
You can likewise beautify your seating area of restaurant to get more customers. Make your own particular complimentary gifts, for example, treats or cupcakes, to make your clients' know-how more individual and paramount, simply like, as in actuality. You can also redesign your kitchen and deliver a significantly more noteworthy assortment of dishes. This is amazing game and will be your great time of cooking

·         Needs Wi-Fi or data connection
·         exciting daily rewards,
·         Replaying lost game ,
·         Game play improvement tips
·         most up-to-date restaurant  theme
·         400+  cooking recipes
·         150 + cooking ingredients
·         Matchless 19 setting
·         400+ exciting  levels of  the game
·         Excellent kitchen appliances and interior

Thanks to Nordcurrent for this supper cool latest version 2.5.2 of Cooking Fever Apk. Download this amazing and fun adding game on your android device version 4.0.3 and up to add fun in your cooking practice. To enjoy additional features Cooking Fever Apk asks your consent to access your address and data storage device. To Download Cooking Fever Apk, click on the given link below, and enjoy the best ever, Cooking Fever Apk for free.

Download Here (Direct Link)
Download Here (External Link)


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Apk - Download Latest Version For Android


Here on Downloadapkpure, you can easily download Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Apk for your android device for free. You can get the reality of dream battle with your most loved tedious and radiance side saints crosswise over famous areas to end up ace of the universe. Make and redo your fantasy squad utilizing characters from each time, from Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Apk.  Take part in epic turn-based war, stand up to monster supervisors, advance your characters, and take your diversion to the following level.


While playing Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes, It's your decision as you develop world class light and dim side groups while gathering legends and different characters from the Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes universe. Make key moves and pick partners with corresponding capacities to go to war with amazing crews.

Thrashing rivals and ascend to the best as you overwhelm the enormous hologames in a far away bar. Update your legends' capacities as you play for much more effective assaults and greater wins. At that point battle with different players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments is fun to accomplish enormity.

Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with the ultimate gear to enhance their damage in galactic war. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Bullseye, Jedi Knight Anakin’s Reckless Assault, and others.

Make savvy, strategic choices and furnish your legends with a definitive apparatus to upgrade their harm in colossal war. Open your fun capacities to make your group relentless as you release instructing moves like Luke Skywalker's Bullseye, Jedi Knight Anakin's Reckless Assault, and others.

Gather famous war gigantic Ships to develop your navy’s fleet. Attack every single new test, battle through space, and contend in the Fleet Arena to test your ability. Assemble new update materials for characters, accessible just as prizes for Ship fights. Likewise every vessel has its own team, adding uncommon forces to singular Ships. Enlist capable characters to make the most grounded naval force.

Be the companions and fight the battle against managers like the Rancor and AAT Tank when you make an adjustable Guild. Work together with team in Territory Battles where individuals release their whole weapons store of characters and ships against a logically developing war zone. Demonstrate your strength when you go head to head against different Guilds to vanquish domains and best worldwide leader board in Territory War.


·         You will enjoy battle of Guild against Guild in new war zone.
·         You can set defensive plans in your area for war
·          You can destroy the forces of your enemy to get the area.
·         You can your team to be the best
·         You can be top of the leader’s board

Download and enjoy the latest version of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Apk 0.10.279290. To download android FEATURES OF Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Apk, you must have android device with 4.1 and up. I know after enjoying this game you will never forget to say thanks to ELECTRONIC ARTS for this amazing game.

Idle Heroes Apk File Download latest Version for Android


The most loved Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk is here on Downloadapkpure. If you are also crazy fan of idle heroes, just click on the link given below and download Idle Heroes 1.12.0 apk for free on your android device. 
Download Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk on your mobile or any android device with version 2.3 and up and be the part of Idle Heroes players and begin with the thrilling and exciting expedition that will start with Sara Forest and will lead towards the High Heaven. Play the Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk and keeping the levels up and up.  The trill is when the group of heroes will enter into ancient ruins and will go on to battle of the dark forces!

FEATURES of Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk:

1. Train the heroes
 IDLE System is very unique way to train the heroes. You can train the heroes, while staying away. After getting to phone your heroes will be more powerful to fight.
2. Evolve the heroes
 200 heroes of different abilities will fight for you. Evolving Strategy of this game is amazing; it will activate the fighters or will evolve the heroes in to super natural creatures.
3. Fun elements
Large numbers of battlegrounds and large quantities of prison, brave and valiant fighter, inexplicable towers, fields, and leagues are best of this game to take pleasure.
4. Fight together 
You can be part of multiplayer group of boss-battles and play to win the game, thus you can lead your group or league to the top. With your friends or companions you can flight or play the game of war to have supremacy over other players.
5. Leaders board
Begin a journey with your best legends to do fight in the field. Multiplayer challenge is for you to show your strength and power to other players! Get on the top of leaders board to win the champions prize.

Newly added features of Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk;

1. You can subscribe Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk in app store.
2. Addition of Aspen Dungeon 2.0 version is trilling
3. Added new techniques for Group players.
4. Guild Store is more manageable.
5. 500 layers of Tower Of Oblivion layers is supper cool
6. Sigmund, Vesa, Skerei are best addition 
7. Now no more bugs and pop ups for advertisements  
8. Requires android device with 2.3 and up version

Thanks to DHGAMES for offering this amazing game for crazy game lovers. I bet you will love this amazing game. Now don’t waste your time, just click on the download link to download Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk for free on your android device. 


Quran for Android apk 2.8.0

Allah Subhan Watallah is merciful and Quran is only true guidance for mankind on earth after Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).  Using Quran for Android apk read Quran daily and be blessed in your life. Download Quran for Android apk for your android device and read Quran with great ease.

Many things are new in this version of Quran for Android apk 2.8.0 . Quran for Android apk has fix notification priority on Android Oreo. Also, Quran for Android apk has fixed search not working when there were no translations. In Quran for Android apk version 2.8.0 has the whole Quran voice 5 new Qaris (Sheikh Bandar Baleela, sheikh Saad al Ghamidi, sheikh Mahmoud Ali al Bana, and sheikh Abdulrahman Al Shahat) -Mr. Mohamed Omar has created this app. In Quran for Android apk Ayah highlighting is much better and improved than previous versions. Also, many bugs have been fixed.

Quran for Android apk has crystal clear Madani compliant images, gapless audio playback with ayah bookmarking, tagging, and sharing. Moreover, Quran for Android apk offers 15 more audio recitations with highlighting support (tap the screen for to get the audio toolbar). The toolbar has search, night mode, and customizable audio repeat options. Translations or Tafsir in over 20 different languages, with more are coming soon.

Quran for Android apk has recently updated on November 1, 2017. The size of Quran for Android apk is varying with the device. Many people prefer Quran for Android apk that is why 10000000-50000000 are total installs. The versions of Quran for Android apk vary with the device. Different versions of this app require android of its compatibility. As per play store, Quran for Android apk content is rated as 3+. This marvelous Quran for Android apk is offered free by

To download Quran for Android apk for free, just click on the download link given below.


Language Translator apk - free for Android

Would you like to go to countries link Spain, Germany, China, Paris, Portugal, Russia or any other? Language Translator apk is free for your Android device. So, don’t say no, if you really wish and only barrier is their language. Pack you bag and get ready because we have best ever android application the “Language Translator apk”, which can solve the problem of language.

Even if you can’t speak or understand their language, It is safe to say that you are will understand without any interpreter. Just download Language Translator apk for free and enjoy your life as international traveler.

Language Translator apk is excellent to interpret words, sentences and phrase quickly in your telephone or tablet. With Language Translator apk interpreter you won't have correspondence issues.

Features of Language Translator apk;

·         it’s easy and handy
·         it’s quick and fast.
·         It’s free to download or use
·         Have option to copy the translated text
·         You can delete any added text.
·         it can translate language of 90 countries
·         it has voice traslation.
·         You can listen interpretations.
·         Needs internet connection

It's an ideal interpreter from English to Spanish and furthermore from Spanish to English, yet it additionally has more dialects like for instance Russian, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Catalan and numerous others...


VEON apk for Andriod - Free Download

If you are looking for best ever messaging application will free call options, you are at the right place. VEON apk is best for you.

 The supper cool VEON apk be free. VEON apk is an application which offers different features; free messaging and calls being its essential one. Down the line, it will enable clients to book ride-hailing administrations, for example, inn appointments, making distributed installments and substantially more, straight from the application.

Download VEON apk for free. I bet you will love VEON apk !!!
VEON apk is more striking when you see that it has overwhelmed other chitchat applications, for example, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — which have around 2 billion months to month dynamic clients — in Top Free Apps classification on Android Play Store.

VEON apk is getting trendy day by day. The cumulative reviews of VEON as per play store are 13051. The total number of five-star reviews received: 5,259. The Updated version of VEON is on October 27, 2017. Estimated Total Installs of VEON are about 1,000,000 - 5,000,000. VEON app requires Android 4.1 or above to install in iteron has Content Rated for 3+. It has Interactive Elements like Users Interact, Shares Location. It is offered by VEON Digital Amsterdam BV.

VEON apk brought new ways of sharing photos, messages, videos and much more exciting things. You will experience a remarkable way to keep in connect with anyone at any time. Free call, chat, sending pictures and videos from your mobile network or Wi-Fi (where available) so you don’t need charge for every message or a call. Today many people choose this app as a free messenger because they know about the benefits of this app. So, go for it and download VEON apk now.

To download this super amazing application, just click on the link given below and have a blast.

Download Facebook Messenger 141.0 ipa for fee

Download Facebook Messenger 141.0 ipa on your iPhone and iPad for fee. It also recommended for Apple Watch Application for iPhone. Facebook messenger is best social networking application for people like you, who want to keep in touch with people easy and easily. Free, quick and secure Facebook messenger 140.1 ipa will bridge you to your friend and family at one click.

You can download Facebook messenger on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.0 or up. It also supports iPod touch. The ipa file size is 239 MB.

Facebook messenger 140.1 ipa is multi language friendly. More than 30 languages are easy to change according to the users’ choice.

Facebook messenger 140.1 ipa is globally used and liked application not only by iPhone users but also supports android and windows. You can even find your friend easily just by searching his/her name or phone number.

Enjoy being social using Facebook messenger 140.1 ipa. You can receive and send text messages, photos, and videos easily. The most loved feature is its video chat option. You can make voice call or video call anywhere and anytime without any special charges.

Group chat or group video call is also perfect for professional or big friend zones. It’s more fun to add special color to chat, cute and funny names to chat groups and adding special pictures specified to groups is also fun. Facebook messenger 140.1 ipa is also best for business tasks, checking and reservation of orders is easy to handle here.

Special camera option is best to capture pictures and movies snaps with exotic effects. You can save, send or post to your day or as your memory. Cute emojis, fantastic stickers and magnificent GIFs are easy way to talk without words. It is really fun to add masks and effects while doing video chats.

Fun is on the peak when it comes to play game with friend on messenger. Complete the games and compare the score board with your friends.

So, Facebook messenger 140.1 ipa is full package of fun and socialize. Don’t miss it. Click on the link below to download Facebook messenger 140.1 ipa for free.
Download ipa Here

FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK for Android


Here, FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK is free for football lovers. FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK is most installed application; approximately 1 hundred million are playing FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer. Don’t miss this chance to get the football thrill on your android device. Download FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK for free just by clicking on the link given below on your android device with android version 4.1.and above.

 Electronic Arts offers FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK with excellent real moves of football to football fans. FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer is full of game tricks and step ups to stop or pauses while playing FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer on your android device by your own. 

Football or soccer on your android device will create hug excitement. I bet you will love this experience of playing FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer on your mobile.

Select players and keep your team together, and stand up to play real like soccer or football on your mobile. Move ahead to poll through passing the ball to your players on the soccer ground. This FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer is more than just a game; it is more than a real thrill. Download FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK and get the real thrill.

FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer is best for everything, its theme and graphics will stun you.

Features of FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK are below:

Apk size:
Small size of FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK is plus point of this amazing game. It’s less the 100 MB.  So, any mobile can easily adjust FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK in it because it is not heavy APK file. 

Real players and teams
More than 30 soccer / football leagues, 650 real soccer / football teams, and 17,000 real soccer / football players add special features to FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK .The real soccer / football theme gives real feel of soccer / football experience. 

Select your player for your team
In FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer you can choose the player of your wish in your team to play against opponents. Select players to make your team the best and the world champions.

Attacking levels
Move ahead with your team to blow the ground through your victory. Play the game to win and win the games to keep your level up and up. 

live proceedings
keep connected with FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK, it will keep you up to date with leagues and teams. You can also take part in quizzes about FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer to win different prizes.

Be world champion
The ranking board of FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK updates the leagues played by team. So, take your team along with other world teams, play best and you can be the world champion.

Be part of FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer by downloading FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer APK, just by clicking on the download link given below. 
Download Fifa 17 Apk Files


Pokémon Go Mod Apk 0.29.0 Download for Android

Do you love Pokémon, if yes, download Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK for free and enjoy the moments. Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK is easy to download and play. You download Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK on your android device having android version 4.4 and up.

Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK is best ever amazing game, with best theme and graphics. Thanks to Niantic, inc for Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK.

Don’t miss the chance to get into striking world of Pokémon, just click on the link and install Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK on your android device.

Download Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK and enjoy the moment of buying and selling of tiny monsters. The attractive scenario of beautiful parks and busy streets of big cities will make you to feel awesome while playing Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK. You can also enjoy playing with other game players.

Enjoy and keep the levels up to catch more powerful Pokémon to win. To win you have to get Pokémon to hunt and hunt. You can also select the Pokémon to walk to get candies to get the power to fight better. A raid battle is full of exciting, here you can also play as group or can play as group Download Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK here and enjoy the game.

The fun and adventure in Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK is very smart feature of Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK. 

Some of other features of Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK are as under;

1.       Full of real time adventure
2.       Supports  android 4.0 or up
3.       uses device GPS
4.       online chat with players
5.       easy to play
6.       Most liked and played game
7.       Free download and install 
 To download Pokémon Go Mod 0.29.0 APK on your android device
 click on the link down here.

Download (Direct Link)
Download Pokemon Apk External link

WhatsApp for iPhone – free download


WhatsApp ipa is a free of charge application accessible for iPhone and different modern mobile devices with i0s 7.0 or up. WhatsApp utilizes your mobile's 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi data connection to give you a chance to sent message and call loved ones. Change your SMS style to WhatsApp style to send and get messages, calls, photographs, and recordings.

FREE to USE: to use WhatsApp on iphone, connect your mobile to internet, then WhatsApp will provide an interface to send message and make call to your loved ones. It is totally free to use, so you don't need to pay for each message or call. And no membership charges to utilize WhatsApp.

You can also send and get photographs, short video clip, recordings, and audio messages.

You can make call to your loved ones totally free using WhatsApp Calling, regardless of the country, and borders. WhatsApp calls utilize your mobile Internet instead of your phone charges or mobile balance. Data charges may be apply but depend on the supplier for subtle elements. Additionally, you can't get to chance to dial 911 and other free calls on urgent situation through WhatsApp.

 You can enjoy the bunch of talks with your contacts. So, you can use WhatsApp to keep in contact with your companions or family. You have to add all contacts of your friends and family at same place to enjoy group chat.

You can likewise send and get WhatsApp messages using your PC.

 There's no additional charge to send WhatsApp messages globally. Talk with your companions far and wide and save the SMS charges.

Why to try another username or PIN? WhatsApp needs with your telephone number to register, much the same as SMS, and incorporates with your telephone's current address book.

To login with WhatsApp, you're generally signed in so will not miss messages. No perplexities, whether you're signed in or logged out.

Your contact list of your mobile will be rapidly and effortlessly interfaced with your contacts that have WhatsApp. So, there's no compelling reason to add any individual forcefully. 

• OFFLINE MESSAGES: notifications will pop up on your mobile to make you aware of missed messages or calls. If you miss any event WhatsApp will spare your current messages until the point that whenever you utilize the application.

• AND MUCH MORE: Share your area, trade contacts, set custom backdrops and warning sounds, email visit history, communicate messages to different contacts without a moment's delay, and that's just the beginning!

Download WhatsApp ipa on your iPhone and fill the gaps- connect yourself with world.