Saturday, 22 July 2017

Download Free Trivia Crack Apk Latest Version for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Download free Trivia Crack game on your Android devices and make your brain strong by giving different and exciting questions answers.  We have brought free latest version APK file of Trivia Crack game for your Android devices you can download it free from our site. There are lots of games like action game, racing game, and many more games but, Trivia Crack is totally is totally different and interesting game, in which thousands of question are waiting to be answered by geniuses and experts, so download the free APK files of Trivia Crack for Android devices and play with questions by giving answers. Trivia Crack game is developed by the Trivia dos and this is easily available on Google Play store, but we have provided the direct download links of Trivia Crack for Android devices, it’s also available for other devices but we have only for Android devices. Trivia Crack game helps you to improve your skills and general knowledge; you can also give challenges for playing with opponents online. Trivia Crack is made for testing your knowledge level, it has 6 categories (Art, Entertainment, Sports, Art, History and Science) and you will be given question from these mentioned categories, these 6 categories are loaded with 90,000 different questions you will really enjoy it by playing with these questions. When you start this game, a six category wheel lets you to choose your desire quiz questions. We recommend this app for those kids, who are addict with fighting and action game and they waste their time with those games, this is one of best app because they enjoy the game along with getting knowledge. Another best feature of Trivia Crack Android is that it has multilingual (French, English, German, Italian, Catalan, English Spanish) so everyone in the world can easily use and play this game by adjusting their desired language. We have provide full working APK files of Trivia Crack downloading links blow, just download free in just single click.

Features of Trivia Crack Android
Trivia Crack is totally free to play and free to download, and you will get the new and latest version in future also.
Game supports all the devices, Android, iPhone, Samsung, PCs and other devices, but on this layout you will get the game for your Android.
With multilingual option you can select your desire languages, like French, English, German, Italian, Catalan, and English.
Multiplayer option brings more fun and excitement to game; you can invite and give challenge to your friends for playing with you.
Trivia Crack is added with awesome sound, animation, effects, and many more options. You will enjoy while playing this 3D game.
Trivia Crack game lets to send massages to other players, for join the game and you can also share the game progress on social media like Face-book, Twitter and etc.
It has 6 categories Art, Entertainment, Sports, Art, History and Science and these has integrated with 90,000 questions.

Downloading links of Trivia Crack Android
Trivia Crack APK files are available here for your Android devices; these links are fully working and tested before putting here. Below are two downloading links, one is from Google Play store and other is direct download link, now download free Trivia Crack APK files on your Devices and enjoy.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Download Gangstar New Orleans Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets

You are here to download Gangstar New Orleans Apk for android mobiles and tablets for free. We have provided the Moded apk of Gangstar New Orleans Apk for your all type of android devices. On Our site you will get the free Gangstar New Orleans MOD Apk file and data files for you.  This is an action game which is developed by Gameloft and the latest version is released in july 17, 2017 and we have provided the direct downloading links of this game for you. In the latest version of game, you have to build your own mansion and expand it into the ultimate housing estate and live the real thug’s life while shaping new real estate. So don’t miss the chance to play this awesome game on your android mobiles. This game requires android 4.0 or up version operating system to work easily.

Features of Gangstar New Orleans Apk:
Free to download and free to play
Awesome gaming graphics
Supports all android devices
Carrier tanks and shooting vehicles
Support android phones and tablets

Details of game
Size: Varies with devices
Version: 1.2.1f
Game works on: Android 4.0 or up

Download Link:

Thursday, 6 July 2017

PES 2014 APK + Data for Android Mobiles and Tablets

PES 2014 APK for Android:
PES 2014 APK for Android is an amazing Game for Android devices. Good thing about this game is that this is the latest version of the PES game series ever and it can be played on the other different devices you are using like mobile phones, iPhones and tablets. Playing this game on tablet is very interesting because it going to make you win with its touch screen. The graphics are superb. The game PES 2014 is easy to control with joystick and button and it is also easy to navigate. This game is played smoothly on android, the accuracy of direction and a very influential force in the kicking game, wow! It is very interestingand very addictive. How to play the game PES 2014 on any of device you are using is very easy. If it is somehow being difficult to you then you can take help from the trainer as they are provide there for you or you can go to the training center and train yourself. PES 2014 APK is one of the best game of the series and has better gaming graphics as compared to old versions. This is a wonderful video game now ready for download. If you are going to download this now you can get it for free. So download and install this game on your android smart phone and tablets and as well as on other devices.  On more unbelievable pat of the game is that this game is updated with amazing and great features and here we have shared some useful features of PES 2014 APK.

Features of the game PES 2014 APK:
Best and top game.
Free to download.
Smooth control.
Easy to play on Android.
Support all android operating systems.
Wonderful graphics.
Characters looks like real.

Download Link:

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

PES 2012 APK + OBB Data Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

PES 2012 APK is a stunning game of the 2K game series. This game also can be played on your mobile, iPhone and on your tablet.On playing the game on your tablet you will certainly feel very good because of its touch screen. This is a game where you can make your own team by buying the most known and skillful players. Because of the magnificent graphics and realistic sound you feel like real stadium while playing in the field. There is a great behavior of the players. The interesting thing about the game PES 2012 APK is that the animations are improved as compared to previous version. You can play this game at any time, whether it is sunny or rainy or it is snowy day. If you want to train yourself, then it is also provided there, you can go anytime in the training center and train yourself. You will not be bored in school or at work with this game. Download this mobile game for any phone or tablet from our site for free of charge. You will find other different games, from racing and action to the logic and gambling apk games at our site. In this game you can develop your own style of arrangements of the players in the field. Control on the actions of the players to play best and win! We are providing you the latest version of the game PES 2012 APK than the previous version. Downloading is very simple, just select the desired file and click “download free PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer APK” then select one of the ways you want to the file. Download this game and start playing your skills and enjoy!

Features of the game PES 2012 APK:
Magnificent graphics
Skillful players
Improved animations
Can download easily

Download Link:

Sunday, 2 July 2017

NBA 2K15 Apk and Data Download Free for Android

The game NBA 2K15 APK is an improved and exciting game for android. In this game you can create a unique player. Choose your favourite appearance of the game. The name, position of the field and play style can be chosen by yourself. In this Android game you can build your position in the most prestigious basketball league in the world. To participate in the dynamic basketball games you can take contract from one of the NBA’s clubs. You can improve your character by playing with other teams with contract. By doing this you can improve your ratings and stats. If you keep your position high by playing the game, then the journalists will take your interviews by which you can share your precious ideas with them which may be fruitful for other players. During playing the game you can do tactical movements to confuse opposite team. This is more stunning game as compared to previous edition game. The stunning and three dimensional graphics of this game makes it very beautiful and more interesting. When you are playing this game your    score is displayed at the top as in real matches. The great source of this game is the sound of music. In this game you have the ability to play through multiplayers. The exciting atmosphere of the game make you feel like that you are in the real match. The actions of players can be controlled by your skills in the field. There are several modes of the game NBA 2K15 APK where you have to complete different missions and earn money and you can make your name famous in playing the game.

Some features of the game NBA 2K15 APK:
Chance of doing your tactical movements.
Chance to show your talent.
Great control on the actions of the players.

Download Link:

NBA 2K13 Apk + Data Part (1,2,3,4) Download Free for Android

NBA 2K13 for Android:
NBA 2K13 is a nice game for Android platform from 2K games. It has modern graphics and pleasant management specially developed for the touch devices. This is an unforgettable gameplay. You can make your dream team by choosing your favourite players and win the game. There are new players and as well as old, you choose your own players from both of them. Play with the modern teams and enjoy. Play NBA 2K13 game for free and download it right now because it is free for the players who are big fan of playing games. You will certainly enjoy by playing this fascinating game. You can download this game on your mobile, iPhone and on your tablet. The most interesting thing about the game is that this game is not for only to play with the Android but it can be played on your mobile, iPhone and on your tablet. The soundtracks in the game are awesome. Once you will play this game you will be addictive of it and you will be captivated for a long time. There are many stages, go to any of stage and start playing. You can complete any of its mission and earn money and gain high scores and keep yourself on the highest position. Buy different kinds of thing your favourite things you need to for playing the game like your uniform of any colour you like the most.This is the latest version we are providing you at this time. In this new version we tried our best to give you your favorurite things once you wished to be there. So what are you waiting for? Go and download it right now!

Some important features of the game NBA 2K13:
Modern graphics
Pleasant management
Latest version
Great soundtracks

Download Link

Friday, 30 June 2017

FIFA 12 APK + Data Download Free for Android Mobiles and Tablets

FIFA 12 APK for Android is a very interesting and popular game around the world. You can play this game on your mobile and tablet. The graphics looks like real. You can hardly distinguish this game from reality because in this game the selection of your ball, high-speed flight and collisions of ball is up to you. If you the best your fans will encourage you with their comments and updated line-ups. Your confidence will build up because of new system of reproduction and reliable architecture of stadium.In this game the electronic work is done by the world’s most famous electricians. In the game FIFA 12 APK you have a great chance to create your own future superstar. This game gives a chance to track your player through multiple seasons. There are almost 570 best teams of the world. You can choose your favourite team and win all the 20 tournaments and cups. There are about 12,620 players from all around the world and 570 most skillful and trained teams. You have the authority to choose new players and substitute them in the place of those players who are not useful to you. There are 30 leagues in FIFA 12. If you are playing this game on your tablet then you can do different pro-style tricks with its intuitive touch screen control. In FIFA 12 you can do pull off defense-splitting passesand rifling shots. Being there in stadium either you can play the game or you watch the different teams presentations you will enjoy it and you will remember it forever.You would be very glad to know that you can get this game without any payment. Download FIFA 12 and enjoy!

Features of the game FIFA 12:
New system of reproduction
Reliable architecture of stadium
Latest version

Download Link

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Dungeon Inc Moded Apk + Data for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Dungeon, Inc. is a game which freely available to play on your android phones and tablets. To download Dungeon, Inc. go through the link mentioned under the heading of download link. Dungeon, Inc. is actually the new manager of the Gold production in which you have to increase the profits as much as possible through any means. No tricky techniques need to be taken in consideration, just keep checking whether it works or not. Construct your dungeon with depth, extent into the new surroundings and take horrible monsters. The more you keep tapping, the bugger the dungeon becomes and the more gold will be made. Keep collecting the monsters to provide protection to your dungeon from the dangerous Tax Knights and competitor managers. Send the monsters on the destruction side. Whenever the value of your insurance is higher, cash your and start the procedure again. This game has received 4.4 stars and popular among the game lovers.

ü Gather and proceed the original monsters to full the dungeon from monsters, lizards, wizards and others
ü Go ahead towards the new levels and upgrade the leftovers which allows the customization in the experience of playing
ü Extend your dungeon to the rooms which are lively and bring change in the surroundings such as the Golden Geese Hatchery and Rapunzel’s salon of hair
ü While playing with multiple players, play in the events of ‘Manager of the week’ and win from others. Also protect your dungeon from the attacks
ü Keep spinning the Wheel of Motivation to receive additional bonuses
ü Enjoy the latest soundtrack which is composed by the Doomsday Clicker
ü The art style of the game is pretty unique
ü Interesting and full of fun

ü  Updated: May 15, 2017
ü  Version: 1.0.5
ü   Size: 66.09 MB

Download link:

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Tekken 3 Download Free Moded Apk + Data for Android

Tekken 3 is among the best fighting games which is available for downloading and playing on android Smartphone’s and tablets for free. To download Tekken 3, the link is provided below. Tekken 3 is the third one in the famous fighting game series of Tekken. This game was released by the Sony Play Station and this latest version has large number of modes. The best and most interesting mode is Arcade mode. This game focuses on playing on the third axis which permits all the characters to step in or out by pressing the arcade stick towards the adjacent direction. There are many changes made in this version as compared to the previous one. The heights in the game are more realistic now and air combat can be controlled in a better way. The engine is also improved a lot which recovers from knock downs in a short period of time and more getting rid of hurdles. Jumping in a better way and extra creation of new throws. After winning from 12 fighters then a new character will be introduced to you to fight with. After unlocking and proceeding to the new levels, you will get into the Volley Ball mode. This mode is quite funny to play as the little dragon. It has the funniest hits in it. It also features the mini-game in the style of Streets of Rage named as the Tekken Force. In this mini-game, the player has to fight against the enemies and go through various levels with the side-scrolling.

ü  Availability of different modes
ü  Many characters in the game
ü  Battles to be fought dynamically
ü  Controls are easy and simple
ü  Wonderful 3D graphics and amazing quality of sound

ü  Updated: latest
ü  Version: Moded
ü   Size: Varies

Download link:

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Royal Revolt 2 Moded + Data Apk Download for Android

Royal Revolt 2 is the game based on the strategies and full of action accessible to the users of android for their phones and tablets. To download Royal Revolt 2, follow the download link and play now. This game has also received an award in which your army needs to be proceeding towards the battle and keep protecting your throne from the competitors across the world. To become the real king, upgrade your kingdom, provide best defenses and make strong alliances. Basically, there are two main aims in the game. Firstly, you have to make your kingdom into the unbreakable opponents against your opponents. Secondly, you have to gather the treasures from around the world. You need to construct the huge fortress in which you can easily adjust your troops and provide support to the buildings such as pubs and farms. In this part, most important thing to note is that construct the strong road with leads towards the kingdom. Because, this is the way from where your enemies might come and attack your kingdom. Various kinds of traps can be played on the road like barricades, spikes, archer towers, cannon towers and others. All you need to not to allow your enemies to enter and conquer your whole empire. If your kingdom is full of protection so it is your turn to attack the enemies.

ü  Hold your king and proceed your army towards the battle field
ü  Protect your castle from your enemies by making dangerous routes
ü  Make your own kingdom and progress your army to become more powerful
ü  Contribute in the events on regular basis like ‘Alliance Wards’ where work can be done as a team
ü  Join and start the discussion with the friends for the formation of the alliance

ü  Updated: Apr 27,2017
ü  Version: 3.2.0
ü   Size: 73.65 MB

Download link:

Friday, 23 June 2017

Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings Apk Download for Android

Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings is a game of never ending chains of the battles along with the monsters and dungeons bosses now accessible on android devices. For downloading Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings, go through the link provided below. This game of android is full of wonderful adventures in the imaginary locations. Choose any one character which various kinds of skills and styles of fighting. Face your enemies and gain experience to make your heroes. Make the team with your friends and protect from powerful bosses. Start the fight with other players and especially participate in the guild wars. Upgrade and change yourself from the struggling warrior to the non-stop God of war. Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings also makes you experience the real-time battles as you are hacking, blasting and slashing in the huge world of fantasy. Face the challenges against the opponents in the Arena or large-scale battle fields.

ü  Wonderful 3D graphics and amazing visual effects that takes you in the center of the battle
ü  All the characters are shown with detail and animation goes so smoothly that keeps the battle fast and furious
ü  Fight PVP which shows the never-ending action
ü  Protect your league in the wars
ü  Check your skills and intelligence
ü  Number of items and equipment are available for customizing the characters
ü  Proceed to the legendary Wrathwings and look their transformation in the battle along with the huge power
ü  Keep the legendary beasts as pets and use them for helping purpose in the battle
ü  The engine of the game is built especially from the base to increase the performance on the mobile phone
ü  Unlock all the skills and connect with the huge combos with enhance touch controls

ü  Updated: May 23, 2017
ü  Version: 1.2.9
ü   Size: 83.88 MB

Download link:

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Last Day on Earth Survival Moded Apk Download for Android

Last day on Earth survival moded apk is the android game based on the survival from the zombies. For downloading Last day on Earth survival moded apk, visit the link under the heading of download link. The main aim in this game is to stay survived as much as you can. No place has remained for the friendship and love. Whenever the zombie comes towards you, only believe on yourself and your gun. Construct the better shelter from the resources you have found. In this android game, discover the wild and deserted lands. Cut down the trees, get the stones and search the secret places along with supplies. You need to be careful every moment as the zombie can attack you anytime. Craft the weapons from the objects in order to face the attacks from the monsters. Make the team with your friends and make the alliances which will increase the chances to survive. Construct your own base and attack the other bases as well to gather the trophies. The whole gameplay is all about the destruction from the zombies so you need to make the decision very carefully. If you make any mistake or fail so start again from the beginning. You might also get killed from another player as well. Sometimes, your partner might save you from attacks but not always and you might get shoot from any enemy at any moment. Select any of the solutions which might safe you for a long period of time. Stay away from the zombies and monsters whose aim is to wipe the people from the world.

ü  High quality of graphics in the game
ü  Various constructions
ü  Crafting of the objects
ü  Playing with the friends
ü  Requires an internet connection

ü  Updated: Jun 9, 2017
ü  Version: 1.4.1
ü   Size: 87.96 MB

Download link:

Monday, 19 June 2017

Farmer Stimulator 18 Moded Apk Unlimited Money Download Free for Android

Farmer Stimulator 18 moded apk makes you the modernized farmer and indulge yourself in the huge world through your android devices. To download Farmer Stimulator 18 moded apk, below is the link provided. You can harvest many kinds of crops and look after your livestock which includes cows, sheep and pigs. Contribute in forestry as well and market your products dynamically for the expansion of your farm. This game provides accessibility towards the big selection of above 50 vehicles and machines related to the farming. They are created again with honesty from the 30 biggest names in the industry which includes the most reputed brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Drive and use the latest branded equipment. Harvest sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, corn and for the first time ever the sunflowers.

Utilize the teal tractors and trucks from the few biggest machine makers in the field of agriculture
Plant and bow the various six kinds of crops which are Wheat, Canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes and sunflower
Feed the pigs and sell them for the profit purpose
Keep feeding your cows and sheep so they can produce milk and wool which you can sell
New loader attachments in the front from which extend the options during the transportation of the wool or bales
Carry the AI helpers to produce the better results or allow them to drive towards the destination which you have selected
Latest graphics in 3D provides more details related to your machinery and environment in the southern US region
Keep harvesting the wood along the dedicated machinery and sell the timber
In the mode of local multiplayer, play with friends through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

ü  Updated: Latest Version
ü  Version: updated
ü   Size: Varies

Download link:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Download Free Shadow Blood Moded Apk for Android

Shadow Blood is a game which is full of infinite action RPG along with the high speed, amazing skills and pleasant graphics now available on android devices for its users. To download Shadow Blood, go through the link mentioned below the heading of download link. The whole game play is about travelling around the lands of the kingdom. The player needs to fight and face the deadly monsters. You need to win from the big bosses, collect the large stones and other trophies. Give challenges to the strong dragon along with his servants in this joyful android game. Discover the horrible locations as well as terrifying dungeons. Defeat the enemies through the help of special skills of fighting which you have being a hero. Make your character stronger, learn new skills and receive the high-quality weapons.

ü  Amazing and full of action
ü  Feel the enjoyment of victory along with the ongoing action
ü  Have fun with the best RPG along with the 6 special characters
ü  Reach on top during the battles while playing in 1Vs1
ü  Defeat all the rival bosses through the strategies made by the team
ü  Feel pleasure with various kinds of rewards through attacking the enemies along with the parties which are of top-class
ü  Gain the experience of powerful skills through the combination of different skills in your own way
ü  Be the final fighter through the collection of more than 3000 kinds of armor and soul stones to attack the big monsters
ü  Protect the land of Narr from the Arcand in which the dishonest monster lives
ü  Be the Shadow blood, the hero who brings harmony on the land
ü  The game has high quality graphics along with the sound effects

Download link: