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The amazing PUBG MOBILE APK need mobile device with Android 5.1.1 or up and at least 2GB RAM. This also needs a continuous internet connection.
The current version helps more than 500+ android devices, including but not limited to: GALAXY NOTE8, SONY XPERIA XZ1, GALAXY S8, GOOGLE PIXEL2, GALAXY NOTES, REDMS NOTES 4A, REDMS NOTES4, HUAWEI, HONOR 8, LG G5.
The original Royale game is available on your device now! Not Just A Game This is Battle Royale. 

·      100 players land onto a remote 8*8km island for a winner takes all show down. Players have to discover and scavenge their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat every player in a graphically and skillfully rich Battle ground that forces players into a shrinking play zone. Get ready to land, to rob, and to whatever it takes to survives and be the last man standing!
·      The powerful and unreal Engine 4 designs a jaw-dropping visual experience with rich details, realistic game play effects and a large HD map of Battle Royale. Feel like you are the thick of the action as you play with high-quality audio, immersive 3D and sound effect and 7.1 channel surround sound.
·      A constantly growing lethal place of pistol, muddle, weapons, and throw able with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories gives you the option to hit, and fire a gun or destroy your enemy.
·      To take a variety of vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats to hunt down your foes, race them to play zone or make a quick escape.
·      Stay alive with your friends in the battle. Invite and build a team with your friends, organize your battle plan via voice chat and set up the perfect attack.
·      Powerful anti-cheat process ensures a fun and fair environment for all PUBG APK players. 
If you are interested in the game and you really enjoyed the game, you can join the discussion facebook! PUBG MOBILE official facebook page: http//                                           
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  1. If you can find the new vehicles, and weapons, deserts map is available for selection now!                                   
  2. You can team-up with friends so enter 6-digit code.
  3. Coordinate with your friends in game to high synergy, and then make connections when your synergy is raised enough.
  4.  You can choose your region and flag.
  5. You can purchase special discounted items, so add a secret stash.


Piano Tiles 2 APK - Download For Free


Description of Piano Tiles 2 APK 

The success of the world loved by 900 millions of players, Piano Tiles2 is having its 2nd birth day! Piano Tiles2 during these two years has a feeling of excitement, with its simplicity, challenge taking features, is always in the top positions. Come to take the challenges!

Some important features of Piano Tiles 2 APK are given below:

1.      It’s easy to play and everyone gets playing Piano!

2.      It will change your hand speed limit with breath taking rhythm.

3.      Top exciting but difficult mode gives you loss or excitement.

4.      You can update various songs, original, classic, bangs, and all the style to fulfill numerous taste.

5.      You can share your record with friends, and compare with other players around the world on the top ranking list!

6.      High quality sound makes you feel like you are in a musical entertainment.

7.      You can save you progress through facebook accounts and you can also share the progress in various devices.

8.      This will be more exciting as well as more difficult, extra benefit and a better self.

Modes of Game are:

You can tap the black Tiles according to the pleasing tune! But do not tap the white Tiles, and do not miss any Tiles!                                                                                                                                       
Make your reactor more effective as possible and concentrate yourself!                                                               

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To download this amazing game for free on your Android device, just click on the link and enjoy


Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK - Download Free For Android


Description of Pokémon Go 0.105.0 APK:

Download Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK if you like. Download it for free and enjoy the moment. Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK is easy to play and download. You can download Pokémon Go  on your android device having android version 4.4 and up.  
You can Download Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK and enjoy the moment of buying and selling of tiny monsters. The charming series of events of parks and crowd in the streets of big cities will make you to feel wonder while playing Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK. You can also enjoy playing with other game players.Keep and enjoy the levels op to catch pokemon items and get chances to win more Pokémon. You have to get Pokémon to hunt and hunt to win.      
To win you have to get more power to fight better you can select the Pokémon to walk to get candies.

 A raid war is full of exciting, and complete gym battle is trilling, you can also play as group or also as an individual. Download Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK here and enjoy the game. A very smart feature of Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK is fun and adventure.

 You can also enjoy following features also Pokémon Go Mod APK:

  • Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK is full of real time exciting and challenging.
  • Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK supports android 4.0 or up.
  • You can even use GPS devices with Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK.
  • You can also chat with players online via Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK.
  • Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK easy to play.
  • Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK is most liked and played game by everyone.
  • You can download Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK and install it for free.

The best ever amazing and interesting game is Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK with the best theme and graphics. Thanks to Niantic, Inc for Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK. Never miss a chance to get into impressive and interesting world of Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK, you have just click on the link and install Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK on your android devices. 

Download Pokémon Go 0.150.0 APK on your android device having android version 4.4 and up and have a fun.          


The Sims FreePlay APK- Download Free For Android


Description of The Sims Freeplay APK:

The best game for android devices, the Sims FreePlay APK is presented by the creators of the amazing game Sim 3, played of personal computers. Download this free and easy to play game on your handy mobile and enjoy the best responsive control overs Sims.
I bet you will enjoy this amazing Sims game on your mobile.

The Sims FreePlay APK is full of enjoyment; you can design up to 16 different Sims, personalizing each one of their special features and change the beautiful appearance that you like to have. Once this is done, you can put them in an already designed home to live, or design your own home and decorate it, as accordingly as you like see and how you want to see best.                                          

The Sims FreePlay APK is easy and friendly game to play, you can also select tasks for your Sims, and bring them to gather, and finally, everything else you can do in other games. 

The Sims FreePlay APK  is not linked to any socializing site like facebook, to connect with serves and to enjoy the game, you just need to have a good Wi-fi or data connection. 

Yeah!!! It means you need internet to enjoy The Sims FreePlay APK.

Once you will download and play The Sims FreePlay APK, I know you will be grateful for the latest and top quality video and images. The game has most creative graphics with supper sensational theme, for which you will need a relatively powerful device to get the games and run properly.    

Features of The Sims FreePlay APK:     
·         The Sims FreePlay APK is best game for android devices
·         The Sims FreePlay APK is top linked game by users android devices
·         The Sims FreePlay APK is free and easy to play
·         The Sims FreePlay APK has top quality video and images
·         The Sims FreePlay APK has most creative graphics with supper sensational theme
·         The Sims FreePlay APK has the best responsive control overs Sims
·         To play the Sims FreePlay APK internet connection is required.
·         The Sims FreePlay APK has designs up to 16 different Sims

As you know, The Sims FreePlay APK is a very interesting game that the saga excitement going to love, as it has particularly best of all the functionality that made it famous, and allows you to play from your mobile phone.

To Download The Sims FreePlay APK, just click on the download link given below and enjoy the games of Sims.


Real Followers For Instagram APK- Download free For Android



Get Real Followers for Instagram APK focuses on getting real connections. We do this because lasting engagement naturally leads to followers. It’s an interesting application, and to increase more likes and more Instagram followers has never been so easy.                                                                                                              
Real Followers for Instagram APK is the best and perfect app for tricks and tips of 2018 to get tons of followers fast and for free!
Everybody wants likes and followers in a reward if he is really perfect and good at something. Few followers or likes provided by handful people will be quite discourage and cannot be accepted by any of us!                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Real Followers for Instagram APK will help you to get more views of your posts and get your photo seen by all users around Instagram and you will get more followers from the people who are really interested in yourself.  You can also get more followers via fantastic and interesting posts!          
 We also prepared golden followers for you if you worry that you may be unfollowed once you forget to post more photos or videos. They are the people with great love and patience that mostly never unfollowed once followed.
Have you thought to become famous over a night?                                                                                        
Have you ever desired 5000 followers and 10000 likes every day?                                                                
Have you worked hard to get more views for your favorite videos?                                                                                     
 All your dreams and wishes can come true and with get followers on Instagram and you can get even more.  

All followers, likes, and views through Real Followers for Instagram apk are from real person. 

Real Followers for Instagram Apk has no cheating! No any fake users!                                                                                                                                      
Real Followers for Instagram APK is a follow4follow rule that is follow others, then you will get follow back.  
Real Followers for Instagram APK is a like4like rule that is like other’s post, and then you will get likes back.  
Real Followers for Instagram APK is a view4view rule that is view other’s post; you will get videos views back.
Using Real Followers for Instagram APK you can use more tags on your own posts this will help you to get more likes and you will get more followers for Instagram.                                                                                                                                             
Real Followers for Instagram APK will help you to get more likes on Instagram. 

Real Followers for Instagram APK will help you to get more followers and getting them to likes your posts and views your posts.

Real Followers for Instagram APK will help you to get more likes and get more followers for your instagram photos and accounts with good tags.     
     To download best ever Real Followers for Instagram APK, just click on the link given below. Download it and get bundles of likes and followers.

DOWNLOAD HERE (DIRECT LINK)                                                                                                                                                                                               

Latest Retrica Apk - Download Free For Android


Description of Retrica APK
Retrica APK is full of amazing features to glamour your life. Show yourself with hypnotize filters. Discover other people and their lives. With Retrica APK, share it with your family, friends or the World.

You can enjoy following features with Rectrica APK:

1.       You can take selfie with real-time filters. Retrica is perfect Filters for every Event. Focus on capturing your beauty and you can pass less time editing!
2.        Video is the best speaker than a photo! Long press to take live Video. You can also convert Collage shots and videos into GIF.
3.        More is cheerful and lively! Capture number of selfies and convert into very attractive Collage immediately! You can also change yours phone into retro photo booth with a touch of button.
4.        Retrica offers more than 100 signs for you to look more beautiful and edit your selfie and video. You can also make your selfie pop in SNS!
5.        Decorate your own messages into your selfie. Also you can turn your selfie into message!
6.       You can beautify your selfies and videos with Retrica’s original Stamp.
7.       You can share and upload your beautiful selfies to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
8.       You can meet and make new interesting friends in Retrica APK.

I bet with Retrica APK, you will enjoy your life with addition of beauty in your life.
Do you have an Idea? Or got feedback? And do you need help?
You can send email at We reply to everyone’s email personally and quickly.
To save photos and videos you can Write external storage and Read external Storage. You can record audio to take photos and videos. To remember photos and videos we take access coarse location and access fine location. You can use Camera to capture photos and videos.

To download this amazing APK, click on the download link given below.


Latest Accu Weather APK- Download Free For Android


Description of Accu Weather APK:

Accu Weather APK is a wonderful app for people all around the world having android devices. This awesome app helps you to know daily forecast, track weather and radar. You can also get live reports, GPS maps and daily updates on current temperature, sun, wind speed and other weather news of places around the world along with the places you check-in.
Accu Weather APK is best to track live stroms and rain raders with its GPS tracker. Thus this will amazingly provide information about weather conditions, temperature updates. Accu Weather APK will keep you updated and help you to find out the global and local weather just on your android device.

There are some great performance advancements in the app. Along with such advancement, you can also know about the current air quality (this option is only available for China and South Korea). There is an addition of temperature contour Map layer, which will help you to see the hot/cold regions and warms regions too. The option of Push Notification has also been added to make your lives easier, which will alert you by sending notification in your notification drawer without going into the app.

Features of Accu Weather APK:

·         You can find out the global and local weather on one click
·         You can track rain or get storm alerts
·         You can view current temperature
·         You can find out the current and up to date weather condition 
·         You can find out about the current air quality
·         You can find out the temperature contour Map layer
·         You can see the hot/cold regions and warms regions
·         You can use Push Notification to keep yourself updated about weather

I bet you need this amazing application in your android device to check on weather around you. To download Accu Weather APK on your mobile phone, click on the given link and keep yourself updated about weather reports.


Brave Frontier APK- Download Free For Android



With colorful spring blossoms, Brave Frontier APK is here to spread joyous and trill in your life. Exciting additions are added specially for you in to the Brave Blossom Festival 2018. Get ready with your baskets to collect incredible gift but also get ready for extravagant things, and treacherous effects.
Don’t miss chances, to have thrill, like million other players of this heroic legendary game. Lots of heroes in this game will give you hard time, to win the game you have to take challenge to summon as more as you can.  The best of this game is it free to play JRPG hit titles.
·         You can summon and extend your accumulation of Units, from Divine Emperors to Inferno Goddesses
·         You can add power on your Units' Elemental Strengths and Leader Skills and frame vital squads for the distinctive amusement modes and adversaries
·         You can advance your Units to their higher structures to fortify them/open new abilities
·         You can use technique to make effective things and add support your Units' forces in fight
·         You can Meet and enlist fan most loved characters from other well known amusement titles
·         You can make Strategy for situated to turn the based Battle System with Auto Battle alternatives.
·         You can engage in strongly energized fights with/against a spellbinding cast of wonderfully pixel-created characters that are motivated by Japanese Manga workmanship
·         You can allow running freely to annihilate combos utilizing the Intuitive Tap and Swipe Combat Mechanics
·         You can fill up your Units' ability check to dispatch their novel hostile/guarded Brave Bursts
·         You can upgrade your city to open new creating choices and art capable things
·         You can put your abilities to the test and go head to head Epic managers at PVE Trials, Raids, Frontier Hunter and in addition Quests at the Vortex Dungeons
·         You can compete in the PVP Arena and Colosseum and rule the Leaderboard Rankings
·         You can put your best Brave Frontier squad against other online players in PVP Arena and Colosseum and rule the Leaderboard Rankings
·         You can gather the crown jewels of your endeavor and make a case for uncommon Heroes and uncommon things!
·         You can Explore Grand Gaia and find new universes through in excess of 500 story-driven missions
·         You can uncover convincing story circular segments and amazing adventures of saints and divine beings. The plot is thickening as their destinies are interlaced!
·         You can join powers with kindred Summoners for center amusement modes, to cultivate uncommon materials to make capable things and circles
·         You can connect with a huge number of players over the globe for greater support choices and Honor Points
·         You can Form or join society and fashion solid kinship with kindred Summoners. Add to the Guild to encourage bring it to more noteworthy statures to get Guild-restrictive prizes, saints and abilities
·         You can participate in Guild Raids and battle for respect and grandness to be the Top Ranking Guilds
·         You Discuss systems with taking an interest Guild individuals constant amid Guild Raids utilizing Guild Chat

Download this amazing and breathtaking Brave Frontier APK and be ready to summon 400+ heroes, mighty demigods and majestic beast to win the battle against four fallen Gods. I bet you will love this game.
To download Click on the download Link given below, and be among thousands other fans of Brave Frontier APK.