AVG PC TuneUp 2014 Genuine Product Key / Crack Free

Free Product Key AVG PC TuneUp 2014: Do you miss the time when your PC worked that fast and smooth when you bought it? Do you search for ways to get back that speed? Your search is over and here is a super helping solution to your problem.This can help you get back the desired speed that you longed for.Along with getting fast speed,you can also enjoy the turbo mode to release extra power when you need it for browsing and gaming.Amazing features that the turbo mode holds are 

*Your one click can turn off 70 unimportant processes,releasing power for fastest browsing,gaming and videos 

*It deactivates the programs that you don't use without uninstalling them 

*It will recommend which startup programs are unhealthy for the speed of your PC 

*It optimizes and analyzes all the startup programs and you will identify which programs are creating problem for you 

*It organizes the files that are saved on your hard drive to reduce the boot times. 

Its just like having a doctor always on duty.It will help you find the errors and issues that are slowing down your PC.Crashes and hardware defects leads to power blackouts and can cause problems in the system files.It helps preventing this issue and fix all the issues upon checking.Same as the hard drive,your registry ends up full of gaps as it changes.Rgistry defrag prevents this issue to speed up the performance and fix the issue.Its Improved registry cleaner stops the system crashes and startup issues by analyzing or fixing the broken and crashed keys.It helps you manage your desktop by deleting the dead and cluttering empty folders from desktop and start menu. 

Moreover,it extends the battery timings.You searched for all the important things and the time you finished searching yor battery is dead.How irritating is that? Now this issue is also fixed by this awesome program.Now you can save all your battery by stop wasting the power on the unnecessary things that you don't need.You can have two battery modes,economy mode and the flight mode.Economy mode saves the power from internal and external devices and by switching off the background processes that are wasting power.Flight mode saves even more battery by switching off the wifi and the bluetooth with one single click! 

It empties down the covered valuable disk space.There are too many things on our PC that we don't know how to handle or either delete them or save them as the space occupiers.This will automatically analyzes the trash of your PC that is not a bit important and get rid of it in few clicks.This process amazingly increases your PC performance.Disk space explorer analyzes internal and external drives and finds out many large files that are occupying the space and reducing the speed and it lets you delete all of them in a single click.New disk cleaner cleanses the disk space and all the crap that clog your hard drives.New windows and app cleaner cleans up the trash from the store and disk freeing up alot of space and help fixing errors.New duplicate finder lets you find all the identical files even with same filenames and let you delete them all.New browser cleaner cleans old and broken data from your browsers and frees up the disk space and help stop browser crashes.It works over 25 most famous browsers including opera,chrome,firefox and internet explorer. 

Not only once but it always works in the background constantly working for the good performance of your PC.In the background,its always updates the way its tune up the PC.It improves the optimization and silently works in the background always supporting the applications that are running to increase the speed of your PC and its optimal performance.It regularly and automatically updates and gives you the latest ways to clean your computer.Updates will clean more programs and improve cleaning techniques.It automatically deactivates again the program that you reactivated,used and closed to prevent it reducing the speed of your PC.It lets you reactivate or deactivate a program that is causing speed issues with a single click. 

Its amazing new controls include 


Just one click not always gives you the whole peace of mind and not always delete all the files related to that program but a shredder button will definitely will.Hitting the shredder button will remove a specific file and all the content related to it from the drive it was installed in completely. 

It continuosly analyzes your PC and keeps you updated about the status of your PC.When you are even away from your PC but we are not.It constantly maintain the performance of PC.Automatically performs the routine performance and regularly cleans out the registries and disks that are clog in the way of speed.It saves all your time and let you perform all the tasks in few clicks unlike other tuneup programs that are getting in your way.Moreover it provides the detailed report of the processes that are being done in the background for the better performance of your PC. 

There is a whole new range of tools that can be used to finely tune things.. This gives you a new feature of Undelete that prevents data loss even after deleting the files and also after emptying down the recycle bin.Allows you to see all the processes that are being done on your PC.A single click let you switch back to the old settings.Allows you to mix match from the thousans of new designs to give your window a whole new look.It works as an expert styler for your PC. 

New and improves user interface to make it handy and easy to understand and use all the features.Now its very easier to make more improvements.It brings all the important settings in one easy to use and perform window.

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