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Adobe Photoshop CS5 is an amazing program that offers so many features to use that make it loveable by lots of users that not only found it beneficial but also gave reviews about this program.Some great features that it holds are as follows.

You can mix color swatches,select and manage the Photoshop tools and also paint water color images.
It provides easier interface management with live workspace that reflect your workflow and you can also quickly switch between them.
It has intelligent selection technology that extracts subjects from backgrounds more fastly and accurately,creating realistic composites.
You can easily remove elements from the images and replace them with the content that seamlessly integrates with its background.
You can apply greater tone mapping power and also create high dynamic range images that range from photo realistic to surreal.
You can also mix a great range of colors  on the canvas and enjoy real time painting with rival traditional painting media.
You can radically transform specific image areas while anchoring others in place.
It allows you to quickly fix the distortion using installed profiles of lenses or custom profiles of additional models.
You can easily convert 2D text and artwork into 3D objects and then extrude and infiate their surfaces.
You can quickly optimize the performance with dedicated 3D preferences.You can also get faster previews of the changes you made and rendering with the improved ADOBE RAY TANCER ENGINE.Apply materials interactively with material load and drop tools.
You can take benefit from improved watermarking,web galleries and batch processing in Adobe Bridge CS5.Access assets directly in Photoshop using the Mini Bridge panel.
You can also remove noise in high ISO images while preserving color and detail.Add creative effects like film grain and post crop vignettes.You can also sharp images with minimal artifacts.

  • You can boost your efficiency with unlimited workflow improvements.
  • it let you create layers by dragging the files from windows or mac OS.
  • You can also straighten the image with its ruler tule.
  • You can also sharpen the pictures with the sharpen tool.
  • It let you apply a graduated neutral density filter.
  • It let you reverse the direction of a clone source.
  • It also let you customize defaults for layer styles.
  • You can paste into the same relative location or into or outside the selection.
  • You can also store image-specific print settings.
Its new GPU-accelerated features let you harness increased hardware power with features like brush previews,a color sampler ring for the eyedropper tool and a rule of third grid for the crop tool that let you crop all your images within seconds.
You can complete day-to-day imaging tasks at least 10% faster on 64 bit versions of Mac,OS and Windows.

It does not need or demand any special skills to use this program.It is very good for the editors and those who were working with the old version as the new ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5 offers a lot more features that make it love able by the users all around the world.It is already very popular among the editors.Download this program by the link below.

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