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Adobe dream weaver recently come up with new version and great features that are based on latest CSS tools.Lets take a look at what's new in the Dreamweaver CS6.Experts work day and night to make technologies better and even better.But now the changes are more big.Dreamweaver CS6 has all the features that an authentic web designing tool should have and it contains all the features that you can think of.
The competitions Adobe dreamweaver have to face that the popular and latest browsers like Mozilla Firfox,Google chrome,Safari and The internet explorer are all making their services better and more better as they provide fastest browsers with HTML5. This means that the Adobe Dreamweaver have to compete with the latest technologies and it definitely had to provide HTML and JavaScript and CSS features too.Building and designing a modern web page needs a mix match of different designs and technical skills and it has to support a heavy audience that is diverse and both have different requirements.Thats a very difficult task to meet the requirements of both of them.

You just have to open Adobe dreamweaver CS6 and experience the most amazing web tools.Many features are same as the previous version.Now Adobe dreamweaver provides eleven pre-configured environments to speed up getting started including one for dual screen use.It also provides new options of creating new documents and pages,which includes using dreamweaver as a JavaScript,This will help the developers experience a new web technology like a PRO.Its other features allow you to work with common server technologies and flash drivers also use Dreamweaver CS6 to edit their ActionScript.

If you are already using Dreamweaver CS5 or any previous version then u'll find it running fine.There is no need to install any additional system resources.An upgraded WebKit engine improves the JavaScript and HTML5 that support in live view.Now you can test pages in more than one browser when you need to do.It now has an interesting feature of switching between coloured and monochrome icons.
Developers and Designers need a improved layout tools that work with a great range of modern web technologies and features that help designing modern web pages.The results are effective and great and its easy for designers to share workspace.There is still no feature for the team work.It offers large team of developers and desiginers to work at a same site.

The latest and new feature of the Dreamweaver Cs6 is that it has introduced new tools to build and manage the layouts with fluidgrid.Fluid grids are the layouts that are made by the combination of CSS3 features that allow you yo use media queries to provide flexible lauouts that adjust to deliver content to different gadgets.
It provides support for smartphones,tablet and desktop resolution and allows you to make fluidgrids along with three screen resolutions that you can choose from.Moreover,it also let you make different grids with different screen resolutions.You hace to open a grid layout and define accurate page regions using tags.Allign regions and decide which and where to place a specific region.If you do not need an element,you can hide it and it will not displayed.It is a helping solution for a big problem.It manage all the media queries.You just have to create layouts and designs.It also uses HTML5 for windows 8 Metro application.You can preview your work with fluid layouts.It now offers a tool called resolution switcher,to quickly switching from device to another device.You can also check pages in a desktop browser and manage the right views.

You can also make shortcuts and can be added to my elements.You can also use transitions to display pop ups and to accelerate the actions and to drive attention to a specific link.You can add different effects to a page leaving the design awesome and eyecatching.You can also preview and test the transitions.It also provides tools for designing a website on mobile phone in no time and set a framework co-ordinating and dragging the components of the pages.You can use these tools on a whole site or an individual element.
If you want to show your clients site designs,it also provides Business catalyst drop the appropriate tags to site.You can use this with host sites with their own domains.This is a complete web designing tool for modern developers and designers.

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