Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings Apk Download for Android

Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings is a game of never ending chains of the battles along with the monsters and dungeons bosses now accessible on android devices. For downloading Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings, go through the link provided below. This game of android is full of wonderful adventures in the imaginary locations. Choose any one character which various kinds of skills and styles of fighting. Face your enemies and gain experience to make your heroes. Make the team with your friends and protect from powerful bosses. Start the fight with other players and especially participate in the guild wars. Upgrade and change yourself from the struggling warrior to the non-stop God of war. Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings also makes you experience the real-time battles as you are hacking, blasting and slashing in the huge world of fantasy. Face the challenges against the opponents in the Arena or large-scale battle fields.

ü  Wonderful 3D graphics and amazing visual effects that takes you in the center of the battle
ü  All the characters are shown with detail and animation goes so smoothly that keeps the battle fast and furious
ü  Fight PVP which shows the never-ending action
ü  Protect your league in the wars
ü  Check your skills and intelligence
ü  Number of items and equipment are available for customizing the characters
ü  Proceed to the legendary Wrathwings and look their transformation in the battle along with the huge power
ü  Keep the legendary beasts as pets and use them for helping purpose in the battle
ü  The engine of the game is built especially from the base to increase the performance on the mobile phone
ü  Unlock all the skills and connect with the huge combos with enhance touch controls

ü  Updated: May 23, 2017
ü  Version: 1.2.9
ü   Size: 83.88 MB

Download link:

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