Download Durango Wild Lands Game Mod Apk for Android

Durango wild Lands is role playing survival and strategy game developed by Nexon Company Named for quality games which got lot's of hits on Play Store .It is similar  to lot of hit pc games like Age Of Ampere ,Strong Hold and Clash of Clans on Smart Phones .The game is based on the Survival in Ancient Civilization's you have to hunt, farm , craft and cook yourself to survive and make building for your army and other's people .You have to Trade to get asset's for you and also explore the unstable island's for valuable resources ,tumbles,  dinosaurs and secret’s  .You should Work together to create a clan and expand a village and Raid other's island's Conquer them to get their resources and make your clan bigger and more power full.  Explore the islands and various elaborated contents. The latest game is available now to download and install for free. Trains how to living in the world of Durango. All of the efforts are purely for the survival of yourself and your friends there, you have to face the wild environment and dynamic wild animals and you have to plan a great strategy to be a successful survival and victorious in that wild environment. The game teaches you continuous learning lesson as crafting for your survival that is also the real life case , hence it depicts the real life story in a sense, and promotes the development for the environment. You can get a true essence of hunting in a wild life and get food for your community and your living, beside hunting in a wild forest you can go for fishing and collect food that can be used by yourself or your community for cooking and also can be sold out for the sake of money in the market. You can create your tribe and also can be united with the other tribes to fight against the powerful enemies or communities. The vital role of dinosaurs can never be under estimated during war, They took part in the battles and can make any community victorious.
Don’t miss a chance to play a game .You can download it now for free from the given below link.  


Feature :

v  Beautiful wild life environment.
v  Can enjoy playing with ancient dinosaurs.
v  Various game play modes.
v  Real life essence of the game.
v  Nice sound and video quality.

v  Various user optimizations and settings.


Size: 105 MB.

Version Android :  4.1 plus.

Download Link

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